Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 12th July 2022 Written Update: Aarav gets married to Emily


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Episode starts with Gulab crying and attending the guests, Anandibaa gets irked by his behaviour and ask Kanchan to stop him. She tells that the priest have asked Gulab to do it in order to change his fate. She states that he won’t stop, whereas Anandibaa gets frustrated with them. She searches for Aarav and Aagya but couldn’t able to find them, meanwhile Kanchan along with her husband serves the guests for Aarav’s wedding. On the other side, Emily eats the traditional Gujarati food in the restaurant, while the lady serving her goes out to attend a call.

Here, Emily mistakenly eats the intoxicated food and feels dizzy. She walks away from there and gets a call from her friend, who lives in the America. She attends the call being intoxicated and learns about her marriage. She congratulates her and then moves towards the road.

Aarav and Jaman keeps an eye on Aagya and plans to kidnap him. They decides to take money for his kidnapping from Anandibaa, but their mens gets confused with some other person and kidnaps him instead of Aagya. Aarav gets restless and sends them again to take the correct person. Jaman assures Aarav and looks after the planning.

Elsewhere, Aarav meets Emily on the road and sees her behaving weirdly. He gets mesmerized by her, while she ask him to convince Anandibaa so that they can marry each other. He tells that he can’t do it as Anandibaa will never agree for it. He also wishes to make her his wife, but proclaims that it is not possible.

Emily ask Aarav to pray for their marriage and states that he is the one for her. She blabbers her heart feelings being intoxicated, while he gets a call from his mother. She ask him to come to the house in order to start his marriage. She also tells that she is with Pinky, while he looks at Emily and imagines her to be his wife.

Ahead, Aarav tells Emily about his marriage with Pinky and says that he is trying hard to dodge it. She then disappears from there, while he looks around but couldn’t able to find her. At that time Jaman comes there and takes him to his house, as Gunjan calls him to come as soon as possible. She proclaims that it isn’t auspicious for a groom to go out on the day of his marriage.

Gulab gets a message from his priest who asked him to start laughing instead of crying. Everyone laughs seeing him, while Anandibaa gets happy seeing his son Aarav in groom’s attire. She makes him sit and the priest starts the procedure of his marriage with the tree. Whereas, Gunjan gets restless in order to get her sister married to Aarav and ask the priest to do the procedures fastly.

Further, Anandibaa makes Gunjan understand about the importance of marriage. Whereas, Aarav completes his marriage with the tree and as per the instructions of the priest he raises his hand in front of the tree stating that he will shower all his love to her.

Suddenly, Emily falls from the tree into Aarav’s arms in an unconscious condition. Whereas, priest declares that she got married to Aarav. Everyone gets shocked, while someone says that she is intoxicated. Jaman whispers to Aarav that Emily can help him to reach America and goes to stop their mens from kidnapping Aagya.

Precap:- Emily confronts Aarav and ask about his feelings for her. She says that of he doesn’t love her then she will end the marriage, as marriage without love is meaningless. She proclaims to decide about their relationship with his answer, while he stays silent. He keeps thinking about something, while she questions him to tell his answer.

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