Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 13th July 2022 Written Update: Gunjan fails to convince Anandibaa


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Episode starts with the priest declaring Aarav and Emily’s marriage. Whereas, everyone gets shocked witnessing it and confronts Anandibaa to tell her final decision. The latter gets dumbstruck after seeing the situation and stays silent. Meanwhile, Gunjan proclaims that the marriage isn’t acceptable, as Emily was intoxicated. At that time the latter also gets conscious and wakes up with a headache.

She looks at Aarav being dressed as a groom and questions that if he got married? He replies positively while she congratulates him and shows her excitement. She starts dancing in front of everyone to celebrate his wedding.

Here, Pinky joins Emily and dances along with her while Gunjan scolds her sister and reminds that her marriage got cancelled because of Emily. She ask Pinky to show some sadness, as she won’t be able to marry Aarav while the latter realises the truth and cries.

Gunjan insists Anandibaa not to accept Aarav and Emily’s marriage and she also tells the guests not to care about the marriage, as it happened unknowingly. The guests starts backbiting about Anandibaa and waits for her decision. Whereas, Emily finds out about Aarav and her marriage. She denies to believe it and proclaims that they are joking with her.

Elsewhere, Emily looks at Aarav’s serious face and confronts about their marriage, to which he assures her about it. She gets shocked and sits down holding her head. She denies to accept it and says that it can’t be true. Meanwhile, Anandibaa comes forward and declares to validate their marriage.

Jaman goes away from the marriage venue and calls her mens asking to leave Aagya. The latter releases himself and tries to find about the person who kidnapped him. Jaman hides his face and ask his mens to look after Aagya and to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Gulab and Kanchan makes Emily understand about the marriage and ask her to come along with them.

Ahead, Emily goes to Aarav’s house while Gunjan shows her anger towards her. She gets furious at Emily for flopping her plan and determines to teach her a lesson. Whereas, Anandibaa also fumes in anger from within, she couldn’t able to accept Emily as her daughter-in-law.

Aarav talks with Emily and assures her that he will look after her. He says that he also knows about the law of America and tells that they won’t face much problem. Emily still worries about their life, whereas Jaman advice Aarav to help Emily to settle into the house before going to America, in order to fulfill his childhood dream.

Further, Aagya returns back to the house and everyone confronts him about his disappearance. He says that he will tell the truth later and ask about Aarav’s marriage. He also finds about about Emily being married to Aarav and gets stunned.

Meanwhile, Anandibaa tries to start the post marriage rituals of Emily, but she proclaims to have a private conversation with Aarav before accepting her marriage.

Precap:- Emily confronts Aarav and ask about his feelings for her. She says that of he doesn’t love her then she will end the marriage, as marriage without love is meaningless. She proclaims to decide about their relationship with his answer, while he stays silent. He keeps thinking about something, while she questions him to tell his answer.

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