Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 14th July 2022 Written Update: Aarav and Emily accepts their marriage


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Episode starts with Anandibaa suggesting to perform Emily and Aarav’s post marriage rituals, but the latter denies. Everyone gets shocked and Anandibaa ask Gunjan to make her understand. Aagya states that Emily isn’t willing to do the rituals, while Gunjan tries to instigate Anandibaa against Emily and says that she won’t be the ideal daughter-in-law. Whereas, Emily comes forward and tells that she wants to have a private conversation with Aarav before taking any decision regarding their marriage.

Here, Emily holds Aarav’s hand in front of everyone and takes him upstairs. She notify him about her family and says that her parents are divorced. She states that she got all the love from Mridula as the latter used to take care of her and since then she started loving India and its culture.

Emily proclaims that she have seen her parents fight all the time and doesn’t want to get the same in her life. Where, Aarav hears her carefully and assures that he will never fight with her. He also tells that if she does want to continue their marriage, then they can get apart through divorce, but she gets an attack hearing about the divorce topic.

Elsewhere, Aarav calms Emily while she gets the flashes of her parents shouting at each other. She remembers the trauma she went through and denies to take the divorce. She says that she likes him and remember the moments she has spent with him. She also states that she also likes his family and wants to be a part of them.

Emily shows her love towards joint family and then questions Aarav about his decision. She states that she does want a loveless marriage and will agree to be with him, if he have feelings for her. Whereas, he keeps staring at her being confused. At that time Jaman signals him to agree to her.

Ahead, Aarav remembers his dream to visit America and thinks that only Emily can help him to reach there. He lies to her about his feelings, while she gets excited and rushes downstairs being happy. Whereas, Anandibaa remembers her dream to get a traditional daughter-in-law and cries over her fate.

Gunjan suggests her for the divorce of Aarav and Emily, but the latter denies and says that marriage is a strong relationship of 7 births. Gunjan gets annoyed and looks at Pinky. Whereas, Emily comes there and declares that they have accepted the marriage. Anandibaa starts the post marriage rituals, as the latter stands with Aarav on the entrance of their house.

Further, Aarav makes Emily wear the traditional dupatta and then Anandibaa ask her to throw the Kalash. The latter gets excited and throws it forcefully, everyone gets shocked seeing her entry. Meanwhile, Gunjan warns Anandibaa about Emily, whereas Kanchan makes her understand and explain about the rituals. Anandibaa gets frustrated with Emily’s behaviour and goes away, while Aarav and Jaman tries to make her understand.

Precap:- Emily enters the Sanghanis house, while Anandibaa declares that she will take test of her. Whereas, Emily plays with the traditional rituals making everyone shocked. Anandibaa declares that Emily is only Aarav’s wife and she don’t accept her as the daughter-in-law of their house. Meanwhile, Emily locks herself inside the room and all tries to make her open the door.

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