Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Written Update: Aarav decides to help Emily


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Episode starts with Gunjan finding about Emily loosing the recipe given by her. She gets scared thinking that if Anandibaa gets it, then she won’t spare her. She prays to God in order to save her, while at that time Anandibaa comes inside the kitchen and confronts Gunjan. The latter gets scared seeing a paper in Anandibaa’s hand and imagines it to be the sweet dish recipe. She falls on Anandibaa’s leg immediately and apologises for her mistake. The latter gets shocked and then scolds her for not thinking about her emotions. Gunjan insists Anandibaa not to punish her and ask for a chance, to which the latter replies that she has broken her heart.

Here, Gunjan was about to talk regarding the recipe, when Anandibaa starts telling about the things that she has ordered for everyone, but Gunjan scrapped her things from the list. Gunjan gets confused and then sees the paper. She becomes relaxed upon finding that Anandibaa doesn’t had the recipe. Anandibaa shows her concern towards Gunjan and states that she never think about her needs.

Anandibaa insists Gunjan to get the things for herself, while the latter starts her acting and says that she only wants Anandibaa and her blessings. She proclaims that she is lucky to get a mother like Anandibaa and states that she doesn’t need anything else in her life, while the latter gets fooled by her words.

Elsewhere, Anandibaa calls herself fortunate to get a daughter-in-law like Gunjan and then gets worried about the competition. She proclaims that if Emily wins it then she won’t leave the house and ask Gunjan for her help to throw Emily out of their family. Gunjan assures Anandibaa and states that Emily won’t be able to cook the dish same as Anandibaa and ask her to be relax.

Emily gets shocked upon not finding the recipe paper and keeps looking here and there. Jaman and Aarav tries to hide it from her and the latter diverts her attention. She gets worried, while Pinky switches on the fan and the Emily finds the paper. She gets happy, while Aarav and Jaman plans to burn the recipe.

Ahead, Pinky finds about Emily getting the recipe and goes inside the kitchen. She sees Anandibaa sharing her worry with Gunjan and ask the latter to come near her. She whispers about Emily finding the recipe to Gunjan, while the latter replies that she knew about it. Meanwhile, Gulab plays with fire and decides to burn some things inside the house. He reminds about the previous incident to Kanchan and tells that by doing so he will get a slap from Anandibaa and will be able to complete his task given by Parimal.

Kanchan tries to stop Gulab but he gets excited to complete his task. He goes down stairs, while Jaman goes inside Emily’s room and fires the recipe secretly. The latter gets shocked and tries to save it while Aarav also fakes his concern towards the recipe. Meanwhile, Anandibaa scolds Gulab for his behavior and gets worried by seeing Emily determined to win the competition.

Further, Emily gets devastated seeing the residue of recipe. She cries and packs her bag to leave the house, while Aarav feels sympathy towards her and decides to help her. He gives her confidence that she can easily cook the sweet dish and they both prepares halwa together. They both gets lost in one another, while Jaman gets disappointed with Aarav’s decision.

Precap:- Anandibaa reminds Emily about the rules of their challenge and ask her to leave the house. Whereas, Gunjan smirks and declares that only God can help Emily to enter their house again. The latter gets shattered and runs away from there. She meets the priest while he ask her to do a difficult task in order to impress God. The latter stands with one leg in front of the God’s idol and prays to him with full concentration. At that time the God himself comes in front of her, while she gets elated.

Episode starts with Gunjan giving a fake sweet dish recipe to Emily. She proclaims that it’s same as Anandibaa’s recipe and assures Emily that she can win the competition, if she makes the dish as mentioned on the recipe. Emily gets elated and shows her gratitude towards Gunjan. But, she also thinks that it will be a cheating and denies to take the help. Gunjan makes her understand that it isn’t cheating and Emily can take some help from her. She manipulates Emily and gives the wrong recipe to her intentionally. Emily thanks Gunjan again and goes away from there, while the latter prohibits her from revealing about it to anyone.

Here, Gunjan apprises about her plan to Pinky and says that Emily will cook a savory dish instead of sweet in the competition and will loose it. She proclaims that soon Anandibaa will throw Emily out of the house and their problems will get solved. Meanwhile, Emily gets happy and becomes confident to win the challenge against Anandibaa.

Emily goes inside Aarav’s room and remembers Gunjan’s advice that soon she will get love of both Aarav and Anandibaa. She questions Aarav that what he will eat, while he dreams about having food in America. He determines to mke Emily loose the competition, so that Anandibaa will throw them out of the house and then they can shift to America.

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