Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 15th July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa’s shocking condition for Emily


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Episode starts with Anandibaa praying in front of God’s idol, after being irked by Emily’s actions. Gunjan instigates her against Emily and says that she will destroy the peace of their house. Anandibaa gets worried and declares that she won’t accept Emily as her daughter-in-law until she proves herself to be fit for it.

Whereas, Kanchan tries to explain Emily about the rituals and gives her the plate full of red colour and ask to come inside it. Emily stops her before she could explain her fully about the ritual and then she takes Aarav’s hand and makes him fill her hairline. Everyone gets shocked, while she acts filmy after wearing the vermilion.

Here, Aarav takes the plate from Emily and explains her that she have to walk upon it. He notify that it will bring good luck to the house and instructs her to dip her leg into the colour and leave the prints into the house. She signals him that she understood, while Jaman warns Aarav that she will again create some mess.

Emily stands on the plate and then walks inside the house. Everyone gets happy thinking that she completed the ritual correctly, but she again goes back and then again comes inside the house. She keeps on colouring the whole house, while everyone gets shocked seeing it. Anandibaa becomes furious and shouts at her to stop.

Elsewhere, Emily assures that she will try to do everything correctly, but Anandibaa scolds her and denies to accept her. Aagya, Gulab and Gunjan instigates her against Emily, while Aarav tries to solve the matter. But, it all turns out to be hallucination if Anandibaa. Gunjan confronts her and starts manipulating her against Emily.

Gunjan also talks to her sister Pinky and gets frustrated with her statement. She scolds Pinky and then ploys to throw Emily out of the house, as soon as possible. Whereas, Jaman instructs Aarav to stop Emily, but the latter denies and says that after getting irked by Emily only Anandibaa will ask them to leave the house. He plans to visit America by using Emily.

Ahead, Aagya checks Anandibaa’s blood pressure level and sees it high. He tries to calm her down and assures that everything will get fine. She sees her picture of marriage with her husband Laalji Sanghani and tells about the purity of a marriage.

Anandibaa proclaims that she will test Emily and then only will accept her as the daughter-in-law. Whereas, Aagya questions about his father, to which the latter ask him not to question about his father afterwards. He apologises to Anandibaa and then goes out along with her.

Further, Anandibaa keeps a condition for Emily and ask her to change her attire. The latter rushes to Gunjan’s room, while everyone gets worried for her and ask to open the door. She opens it draping a saree around her western dress. Gunjan takes it away from her and scolds her, whereas everyone laughs seeing her interaction with Anandibaa.

Precap:- Emily searches for a ring and goes towards the cow dung. She moves metal detector in front of it and tells that it will start making sound, if the ring will there. Everyone stands there and sees Emily’s effort to find the ring. Whereas, Emily couldn’t get anything from the cow dung and unknowingly moves the machine towards Pinky’s bag.

The machine starts making sound, while everyone gets shocked. Anandibaa questions about it, while Gunjan lies to her. Pinky gets scared to get caught, while Anandibaa catches Gunjan’s lie and tells that she have already made Pinky remove all her jewelleries.

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