Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 16th July 2022 Written Update: Emily takes a drastic step


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 16th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Anandibaa confronting Emily and declares that she will only stay as Aarav’s wife inside the house. She proclaims that she won’t accept her as the daughter-in-law of the house, until she passes the test. Anandibaa plans to take several tests of Emily, in order to see if she is suitable to become their daughter-in-law or not. Whereas,

Emily agrees to her condition and assures that she won’t start her relationship with Aarav, until she wins Sanghanis heart. She determines to please all the family members and takes a stern oath. She also tells that she won’t stay with Aarav, till she passes the test.

Here, Anandibaa questions all the family members that who will keep Emily in their room? Everyone moves away leaving Pinky ahead. Anandibaa smiles at Pinky and proclaims that Emily will stay with her. The latter couldn’t able to understand it and gets happy. After a while she realises the matter and gets angry with Gunjan for betraying her.

Gunjan tries to make Pinky understand about the situation. She states that Pinky can keep an eye on Emily while staying with her. Whereas, finally Emily agrees to share her room with the latter. Here, Jaman scolds Aarav for agreeing to Emily’s condition of staying in separate rooms. He questions that what if they won’t be able to fall in love with each other?

Elsewhere, Jaman reminds Aarav that he needs to impress Emily in order to fulfill his childhood dream, while the latter tells that he was just respecting Emily’s decision. He proclaims that he can’t force her to be with him, while he stays firm in his decision to visit America. Aarav declares tht he can’t take a risk to miss his chance to fulfill his dream.

Aarav goes forward and sees Emily standing there. He gets worried that she hears his plan, while Jaman also gets tensed. Whereas, Emily comes forward and bends down to touch his feet. They gets confused by her action. She removes her earphones, making Aarav and Jaman relaxed, as she didn’t heard anything.

Ahead, Emily keeps reading about a good daughter-in-law on the internet. She follows all the rules and questions Aarav that why only a girl have to touch her husband’s feet and not vice versa. Jaman makes her understand and then tells Aarav that he got lucky with the moment. He states that if Emily find about their intentions, then she won’t forgive them.

Gunjan ploys against Emily along with Pinky, while the latter comes there and tells about what she learns via internet. Gunjan acts to be nice in front of Emily, while Kanchan shows her concern towards the latter. Meanwhile, all the family members of the house instigates Anandibaa against Emily and says bad about the culture of America.

Further, Anandibaa gets worried hearing about Emily’s culture and determines to protect her family. She gets worried for the changes Emily will bring into their house and then plans for a Puja. Everyone stays awake for the midnight puja, while they gets scared seeing table moving. At that time Emily comes out of their and talks about doing the Puja, while everyone looks at her being surprised.

Precap:- Emily searches for a ring and goes towards the cow dung. She moves metal detector in front of it and tells that it will start making sound, if the ring will be there. Everyone stands there and sees Emily’s effort to find the ring. Whereas, the latter unknowingly moves the machine towards Pinky’s bag.

The machine starts making sound, while everyone gets shocked. Anandibaa questions about it, while Gunjan lies to her. Pinky gets scared to get caught, while Anandibaa confronts Gunjan telling that she has already taken all the jewelleries from Pinky.

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