Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 17th September 2022 Written Update: Emily impresses Moti Baa


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Episode starts with Emily and Payal getting inside the store room in order to bring utensils to prepare Moti Baa’s favorite sweet dish. They gets scared and hurriedly takes all the stuffs before leaving from the store room, while they misses to see Pinky hiding from them. The latter tries to escape Emily and Pinky and then sleeps on the side being tired of getting stuck inside the store room. Meanwhile, Payal starts preparing the dish along with Emily, while the latter takes it from Payal stating that she wants to make it herself as she wants Moti Baa to get impressed by her.

Here, Anandibaa along with Gunjan confronts Emily and Payal. They gets confuse and ask the latter about the matter, to which Payal replies that they are preparing sweet dish for Moti Baa. Emily says that she wants to impress the latter and so is preparing her favorite dish. Anandibaa says that it’s not easy to impress Moti Baa, to which Emily insists Anandibaa to have faith on her and assures that she will do it.

Emily enjoys making the sweet dish and gets elated as she prepares it nicely. Whereas, Gunjan thinks about a ploy to ruin the sweet dish and was about to go from there, when Anandibaa stops her. The latter whispers to Gunjan to stay along with her as she feels confident with her. Gunjan tries to escape making some excuse, but Anandibaa gets successful in stopping her.

Elsewhere, Gunjan gets irked as Anandibaa takes her everywhere she goes and the latter couldn’t able to fulfill her ploy. Meanwhile, Emily makes the sweet dish and goes towards store room to keep it inside. Gunjan gets scared thinking about Pinky getting exposed and tries to go inside, but Anandibaa stops her and ask Emily to go.

Emily gets inside the store room and keeps the dish on the side table. She ask Moti Baa to have it and then leaves from there without seeing Pinky. Gunjan gets relieved, while Pinky stays asleep. Moti Baa’s ghost comes there and takes the swet dish along with her. Meanwhile, Emily goes inside and gets elated up in finding the bowl empty.

Ahead, Anandibaa declares that she needs a strong sign to accept that Moti Baa is impressed by Emily. Meanwhile, Gunjan goes inside the store room and wakes Pinky. She confronts her for eating the sweet dish, to which she denies. At that time the wind starts blowing and they both gets scared. They starts praying and the goes away from there.

Pinky gets scared sitting inside the store room and goes to Gunjan’s room. Aagya sees her but Gunjan makes him believe that he is dreaming. Meanwhile, Anandibaa also sees Pinky and Gunjan makes up a lie to save themselves from getting exposed. Whereas, Aarav shows the photo frame to everyone.

Further, Anandibaa gets shocked along with others after seeing the repaired photo frayof Emily and Aarav. She proclaims that it is a sign that Moti Baa has accepted Emily and decides to give her a sacred clothe. Meanwhile, Emily finds out that Aarav has repaired that frame and tells Anandibaa about it.

Precap:- Anandibaa takes a decision for a couple and proclaims that the girl can’t reject the guy only because he is bald. At that time Emily comes forward and proclaims that the girl have every right to do it as it’s her choice to marry whomever she wants. Meanwhile, Gunjan instigates Anandibaa and says that they should make Aarav bald in order to see what Emily will do after that.

Episode starts with Pinky hiding inside the store room and complains about all the problems she is facing. Gunjan ask her to stay there in order to fulfill their plan and proclaims that if she comes out then their ploy will get exposed. She also makes Pinky emotional stating that Aagya will also divorce her, if he finds out about their truth. She requests Pinky to bear some trouble for her, while the latter agrees. Meanwhile, Emily tells Anandibaa that Moti Baa doesn’t used to like her also, but she still managed to please her with her continuous efforts. She says that she will also do the same to impress her and Moti Baa’s spirit.

Here, Anandibaa agrees to give a chance to Emily but proclaims that she doesn’t think the latter will be able to do it. She ask Emily to do whatever she wants, but says that it’s hard to please Moti Baa. She then starts praying in front of the Moti Baa’s portrait and says that she never wanted to get Aarav married to Emily but it was the circumstances which made her do it.

Anandibaa apologizes to Moti Baa and ask her to understand the situation. She tries to calm the ghost of Anandibaa, while Emily ask Payal about Moti Baa. She ask the latter to tell her everything about Moti Baa, to which Payal starts notifying her about the latter. She then takes Emily to the store room in order to show the stuffs of the latter.

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