Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 18th August 2022 Written Update: A nightmare for Anandibaa


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Episode starts with Emily standing in front of God’s idol with only one leg and prays to him. She also passes the test of the God and Lord Krishna appears in front of her. All the crowd gets freezed and Emily becomes mesmerized to see the God. He smiles towards her and states that she gets successful in impressing him. She shares her worry with the God and states that she always does everything with her heart and full effort, still she couldn’t able to get other’s love. She tells him about the halwa she prepared and proclaims that she has poured lots of love and hardwork in it, but still she lost the competition.

Here, Emily gets sad thinking about the competition’s result and ask the God for an answer, while he smiles and calmly makes her understand. He tells her to keep doing all her work with full concentration and assures that the result will be good for her. He also proclaims that the world is a test for humans and they should never leave their trust on the God.

Emily gets near the God and ask if he is in real, he smiles seeing her innocence and states that he is everywhere in the world. Emily ask for his advice and help, while he instructs her to return back to the house. Whereas, Aarav finds about Emily’s missing and tells his family that they haven’t done right by letting her go alone.

Elsewhere, Lord Krishna assures Emily that he will be with her but proclaims that no one else would be able to see him except for her. They both returns back to the house, while Gunjan gets confused seeing the judge of the halwa competition coming behind Emily. The latter handovers the trophy to Emily and proclaims that she had won the competition.

Sanghani gets shocked learning about the information, while the lady notify that someone has swapped Emily’s halwa with some other box, but luckily she sees it and decided to give the trophy to Emily as her halwa was the best. Emily gets elated learning about it and reminds Anandibaa about their challenge. She questions the latter that if she can enter the kitchen now? To which Anandibaa gives the permission.

Ahead, Sanghani’s prays in front of God’s idol while Lord Krishna disappears from there. Meanwhile, Emily enters the kitchen and determines to impress Anandibaa. Whereas, Aarav gets unhappy and thinks about going to America. Jaman mocks him stating that he himself lost his chance by helping Emily, while the latter gets frustrated and proclaims to fail Emily to impress Anandibaa.

Aarav chops the vegetables in order to release his frustration, while Jaman suggests him plans to fulfill his dream. Whereas, Gunjan punches the bag to pour her anger out. She gets irked as her plan gets failed, while Pinky tries to calm her down.

Further, Anandibaa gets a nightmare that Emily will capture the kitchen and will cook American dishes. She also sees everyone liking her food and they forces Anandibaa to have it. Whereas, Emily laughs at Anandibaa’s situation and proclaims that now she have all the rights in the kitchen. Anandibaa shares her worry with Gunjan.

Precap:- Gunjan suggests Emily to prepare chapati in order to impress Anandibaa. Meanwhile, she also tells the latter that she asked Emily to prepare chapati, while Anandibaa questions if Emily will do it? To which the latter assures that she will teach her. Whereas, Gunjan makes a new plan against Emily. Aarav tells Anandibaa that they have to complete all the rituals of the marriage and reminds about the pag-phera ritual. He proclaims to take Emily to America for some days in order to complete the ritual, while the latter gets shocked.

Episode starts with Emily notifying Anandibaa about the competition result. She tells that she lost it, while Anandibaa gets elated and questions if Emily remembers their challenge. The latter nods positively and tells that she have to leave the house after loosing the halwa competition. Gunjan smirks and ask Emily to fulfill her promise, while the latter insists Anandibaa to give a second chance to her. She keeps requesting Anandibaa but the latter insults Emily stating that she doesn’t deserve to be the daughter-in-law of their house and ask her to leave from there, whereas Pinky agrees to help her in packing the stuffs.

Here, Emily gets shattered and keeps insisting Anandibaa for one more chance, Gunjan interrupts and says that she will again prepapre halwa and will again fail the competition. She reminds Emily that Anandibaa has so much of reputation in Gondal and proclaims that she can’t risk to loose it because of her.

Emily becomes worried while Anandibaa’s words hurts her. Meanwhile, Gunjan states that only God can help Emily to return back to their house, while the latter gets an idea and rushes out of the house. Gunjan along with Pinky and Anandibaa gets shocked and keeps thinking that where Emily can go. She also states that the latter haven’t even taken her luggage.

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