Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 19th July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa confronts Pinky


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Episode starts with Gunjan and Pinky plotting against Emily. They takes her towards the cow shelter and ask her to find Anandibaa’s ring from the cow dung. They says that by doing so, Emily will fulfill her duties as a daughter-in-law. They encourages her to put her hand inside the cow dung, while the latter ask how she will do it? Gunjan explains her about the procedure to do the work, while all the crowd gathers around her to motivate Emily. They cheers for her, while she feels disgusted to put her hand inside the dung.

Here, Emily denies to do it but Gunjan manipulates her stating that she can’t run away from her work. She reminds that how Anandibaa will get impressed by her and will accept her, if she gets successful in finding the ring. Emily again tries to find the ring and finally puts her hand inside the dung.

Gunjan and Pinky enjoys the scenario and everyone claps for Emily. Where, Gunjan smirks as her plan gets successful and proclaims to teach more lessons to Emily. Pinky joins hands with Gunjan and shows her support towards her sister. Meanwhile, Emily gets frustrated as she didn’t get the ring and rushes away from there.

Elsewhere, Gunjan tries to stop Emily but the latter proclaims that she can’t do it anymore. She states that she is a fool and leaves from there. Whereas, Gunjan and Pinky celebrates their victory. The latter proclaims to give the ring to Anandibaa in order to win her trust and states that she will get furious at Emily after knowing that she denies to do the work.

Pinky appreciates Gunjan’s ploy and praises her. Whereas, the latter gives the ring to Pinky and ask her to keep it safely. They both goes to enjoy the icecream. Whereas, Aagya takes permission from Anandibaa to buy the grocery stuffs. She blesses him and smiles seeing his respect towards her.

Ahead, Anandibaa also notify him about the thief who was stealing the light bulbs. She says that everyone is facing difficulty because of the thief and plans to go to the police station for help. She ask Aagya to help her in writing a letter against the thieves, while he gives it to her and then goes to do his work.

Aarav gets excited as he writes a letter to get his visa for going to America. He shares his excitement with Jaman, while the latter opens the letter in order to check the signature. At that time he dashes with Anandibaa and their letter gets exchanged. Jaman opens the letter and gets shocked learning about the matter. He notify about it to Aarav, while the latter also gets stunned.

Further, Aarav goes behind Anandibaa in order to take the letter without letting her get suspicious. Whereas, they spots Gunjan and Emily on the road. They both hides the icecream and pretends to be looking for Anandibaa’s ring. They manipulates the latter against Emily, while Anandibaa ask them to find the ring from cow dung.

At that time Emily comes there with a machine which can detect the ring. She mistakenly places it in front of Pinky, while it starts making sound. Gunjan and Pinky gets scared, while Anandibaa ask the latter to show her the thing.

Precap:- Emily states that Anandibaa won’t accept her, while the latter proclaims that Emily won’t be able to adjust in their house. Anandibaa ask Aarav to choose one in between them, while the latter gets worried. Meanwhile, he throws Anandibaa out of the house and locks the gate. The latter gets shocked and shouts his name, while Emily enjoys. Aarav along with Emily ask Anandibaa to go away from their house and advice to find an old age shelter home.

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