Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 1st November 2022 Written Update: Gunjan blackmails Aarav to reveal his plan


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Episode starts with Aarav getting shocked learning about Emily’s visa problem and scolds Jaman for not telling him about it earlier. The latter reminds Aarav about their conversation and states that he already informed him about it. Aarav recalls his morning conversation and says that he missed to hear that, whereas Jaman also tells that he asked Riddhi to notify him about the issue. Aarav gets furious and ask not to take Riddhi’s name. He apprises Emily, Payal and Jaman about his interaction with Riddhi.

Here, Aarav tells about the double game of Riddhi and proclaims that she betrayed them. Everyone gets shocked and worries about Emily’s visa. Whereas, Jaman gets an idea and says that if Aarav and Emily’s marriage gets registered then they can extend the visa by showing it. Meanwhile, he also states that they can get rid of Riddhi with the marriage certificate.

Jaman along with Emily and Payal visits the marriage courtroom and talks to the registerer about the matter. He insists to get Aarav and Emily sign for their marriage and request to make the certificate as soon as possible. The registerer tells that it will almost take 10 days to make the certificate, while Jaman gets shocked and proclaims that they don’t have such long time.

Elsewhere, Jaman insists the registerer to make the marriage certificate in one day while he denies and says that he can only do that for Anandibaa. Jaman gets elated and states that Aarav is Anandibaa’s son and she wants to get it done in one day. At that time Aarav comes there and ask to start the procedure. The registerer denies to fulfill Jaman’s request and says that he can only proceed after talking to Anandibaa.

Aarav and Jaman tries to stop the registerer from calling Anandibaa and learns about his daughter’s marriage. Aarav offer a deal to the registerer and says that Jaman will give free hotel for the marriage of his daughter, while the registerer gets agreed and then Aarav and Emily gets married to one another and got their certificate.

Ahead, Riddhi shares her worry with Gunjan and says that Aarav threatened her. The latter ask her not to get worried and thinks about a plan. Meanwhile, Gunjan calls Pinky and makes her steal the contract of Aarav and Riddhi’s marriage. She then blackmails Aarav about it while he gets shocked. He notify others regarding it and then gets a plan to expose her.

Jaman gets inside Gunjan’s room and sends a message to Pinky via her phone. He gets elated as their plan started while Pinky becomes happy seeing Gunjan’s message and goes to meet her. She couldn’t able to speak while Gunjan talks about bringing her back into Sanghanis house and proclaims about betraying Riddhi. The latter hears about it and confronts Gunjan. Both reveals each other’s secret while Gunjan confesses about all her crimes.

Further, Anandibaa hears Gunjan’s confession and gets shocked while Aarav ask Emily and Riddhi to leave from the house. Meanwhile, Gunjan gets shocked and regrets her decisions. She apologises to Anandibaa while the latter scolds her and rebukes for her betrayal. Gunjan realises her mistake and asks for forgiveness, while Emily insists Anandibaa to forgive the latter. Aarav also supports Emily’s decision while Anandibaa agrees to give a chance to Gunjan. Whereas, Aagya takes a selfie with the happy family.

The show ends.

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