Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 20th July 2022 Written Update: Gunjan’s smart move to save Pinky


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Episode starts with Emily passing the detector in front of the cow’s dung, but didn’t hear any sound. She mistakenly keeps it in front of Pinky, while the detector starts beeping. Everyone gets shocked and Anandibaa confronts Pinky to show her hand. The latter gets scared of getting caught by Anandibaa and tries to hide the ring in her other hand. Gunjan also interferes in order to save her sister, but gets failed. Anandibaa glares at Pinky and ask her to show both her hands, while the latter looks at Gunjan.

Here, Gunjan gets an idea and ask Pinky to show her hands. The latter gets confused and tries to signal Gunjan about the ring. She keeps pushing her sister, while Sanghanis gets worried seeing it. At that time Gunjan acts to get dizzy, while everyone shows their concern towards her.

Gunjan takes the oppertunity and gets the ring from Pinky. She then falls down and keeps the ring inside the cow’s dung and then brings it out too. She shows the ring to Anandibaa, while everyone gets pleased by her. Emily gets stunned and tells that she checked the dung thoroughly, but the ring wasn’t there.

Elsewhere, Gunjan taunts Emily and gets praises from Anandibaa. Whereas, Emily gets sad and then returns the detector back to the guard. Meanwhile, Anandibaa returns back to her house and sees Gulab planting a seed. She gets frustrated with him, but tries to talk calmly in front of him.

Anandibaa remember about the fast for the newly bride and decides to make Emily do it. Whereas, Gunjan gets sad holding her hands as it smells bad after bringing the ring from the cow’s dung. She washes her hands repeatedly, while Pinky comes there and shows the ornament to her sister, stating that she has stolen from Anandibaa.

Ahead, Gunjan gets impressed by her sister and they recalls all the time when they had stolen Anandibaa’s jewelleries. They enjoys their celebration, while a wome comes inside and they gets picture with her. Whereas, Gujan stops Pinky from revealing about their deed in front of the women.

Anandibaa calls all the family members in front of her and notify about the fast. Gunjan reminds Anandibaa that how she threatens to throw her out of the house if she fails to complete the fast and ask her if she will do the same with Emily? Anandibaa proclaims to stay unbiased and tells that if Emily have to win her heart then she will have to keep the fast.

Further, Emily goes inside Aarav’s room and shares her feelings with him. He tries to convince her to move to America, but she denies stating that he will never separate him from his family. Meanwhile, Gunjan scares Anandibaa by telling her that how son throws his mother out of the house because of his wife. Meanwhile, Anandibaa notify Emily about the fast, while the latter agrees to do it.

Precap:- Aarav comes towards Emily and calls her name. She turns towards him, while he gets shocked and starts shouting. At that time all the family members comes there and questions him about the matter, to which he shows towards Emily. They all sees her and gets scared, they also starts screaming. Anandibaa comes there hearing their voices and confronts them. She also sees Emily and shouted being scared, while Emily reveals her face to be covered with red colour.

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