Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 21st July 2022 Written Update: Emily keeps a difficult fast for Aarav


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Episode starts with Anandibaa notifying Emily about the fast and orders the latter to keep it for long life of Aarav. The latter agrees to do it, while Kanchan apprises about the difficulty of the fast.

Meanwhile, Anandibaa explains the procedure and rituals Emily have to follow while doing the fast, whereas the latter assures Anandibaa that she will complete the fast sincerely. Gunjan and Pinky hears their conversation and ploys to fail Emily’s fast. Both the sisters plans against Emily and proclaims to throw her out of the house.

Here, Aarav holds the letter and keeps thinking about how to notify Emily about it. At that time Emily comes there and apprises him about the fast she is keeping for him. He gets concerned for her and ask her not to do it. She denies him and declares that she doesn’t have any problem and shows her interest in completing the fast.

Emily gets the letter from Aarav’s hand and questions about it. He gets relieved as she couldn’t able to read Hindi and lies to her about the letter. He keeps the truth hidden from her and fakes his love towards her, while she falls for his trick and feels lucky to get his love. She also expresses her fondness towards him and both smiles looking at one another.

Elsewhere, Gunjan crushes the sleeping pills in order to mix it inside the tea, to trouble Emily. Whereas, she instructs Pinky to make the tea and explains her about the procedure. She then mixes the sleeping powder into Emily’s cup and prepares her cup without it. She tells Pinky to serve the spiked tea to Emily.

Gunjan explains the procedure to Pinky carefully and ask her to be mindful while serving the tea. The latter assures to do it properly and then goes to serve her. Pinky was about to give spiked tea to Emily when Anandibaa and Kanchan disturbs her. Kanchan takes the tray and then passed it to Aagya and Gulab. They all turns the tray according to their preferences.

Ahead, Gunjan and Pinky gets worried about the tea, while Anandibaa ask Gunjan to pick one tea from the tray. The latter gets tensed but still picks one of the cup. Whereas, Emily gets the another. The latter holds her head after drinking the tea, while Anandibaa taunts her for not being strong to keep the fast.

Pinky gets happy and ask Gunjan to drink her tea without any tension as Emily already had the spiked tea. Gunjan suddenly starts feeling sleepy after drinking the tea and realises that she consumed the sleeping pills. Pinky helps her sister and takes her inside, whereas Aarav along with other family members gets shocked seeing Emily’s face covered with vermillion. She explains her perspective, while Gulab corrects her.

Further, Kanchan shows the mistakes of Gunjan while Anandibaa still supports the latter. Gunjan struggles to stay awake, while Anandibaa warns Emily about the fast. She denies the latter to eat or drink anything. She also explains Emily about a ritual and ask to break the pot by closing her eyes. Kanchan and Gulab explains the procedure to Emily, while Anandibaa warns the latter to complete it successfully orelse she will have to leave the house.

Precap:- Anandibaa orders to start the ritual of breaking the pot, while Kanchan ties the clothe upon Emily’s eyes. Gulab gives a stick to Emily and ask her to start the ritual. The latter mistakenly starts breaking all the stuffs of the house, while everyone runs to save their life. Aagya declares that she can’t able to do the ritual, while Aarav gets concerned seeing her from the upstairs.

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