Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa gets frustrated with Emily


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 22nd July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Anandibaa asking Emily that if she has eaten anything, to which the latter assures that she is keeping a fast for Aarav. Whereas, Aarav keeps looking at them from upstairs and decides to eat in order to reduce his stress. He calls Jaman and ask him to bring a bag full of food. Gulab notices Aarav and ask him to join them, but the latter acts to be concerned for Emily and says that he also won’t eat anything till Emily is fasting. Anandibaa gets worried hearing his reply and thinks that he is going out of her hand.

Here, Anandibaa determines to bring Aarav back to his limit and plans to test Emily. Anandibaa gets frustrated with Emily and tries to calm herself. Whereas, Emily feels lucky to have a husband like Aarav and falls into his trap. He pretends to care about her and fools Emily. Whereas, Gunjan goes to make tea for Anandibaa.

Pinky confronts Gunjan and sees her struggling with the tea. The latter tries to help her sister, but Gunjan scolds Pinky for swapping the spiked tea. She rebukes the latter for all the problem, while Pinky starts crying. Gunjan consoles her sister and tells about how she can’t able to concentrate after drinking the spiked tea.

Elsewhere, Emily feels hungry and tries to subside her hunger. She looks at Gulab who eats in front of her. She becomes tempted with the food and smells it. She looks here and there to avoid her hunger, but couldn’t able to control it. She takes help from internet and searches for the ways to avoid hunger.

Anandibaa sees Emily looking at food and gives her a warning. She keeps an eye on Emily along with Pinky. Whereas, Gunjan comes there to serve Anandibaa with the tea. She mistakenly stands in front if Emily, thinking her to be Anandibaa, while the latter gets irked by Gunjan and ask her to come near her.

Ahead, Anandibaa scolds Gunjan for her mistake, while the latter tries to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Emily starts her ritual and Anandibaa ties her eyes with the clothe and gives her a long stick to break the pot. Emily gets ready to complete the ritual and starts hitting in the air. She mistakenly breaks several things if the house, while everyone gets scared of her.

Sanghanis scatters around the house in order to save themselves from Emily, while the latter keeps breaking the stuffs. Anandibaa tries to stop her, while finally she falls and hits the pot, breaking it and completing th ritual. She gets elated to see it, while Anandibaa gets frustrated with her.

Further, Pinky notices Emily trying to avoid her hunger. She smirks noticing that the latter couldn’t able to control her urge. She notify Gunjan about it while they follows Emily along with other family members. Whereas, the latter goes inside her room with a bowl full of food. Anandibaa gets furious and decides to catch her red-handedly. Whereas, Aarav couldn’t able to eat anything thinking about Emily keeping a fast for him.

Precap:- Emily couldn’t able to find the key and notify about it to the Sanghanis. She finds gold jewelleries and keep it upin the table in front of Anandibaa. She states that she haven’t seen the key, while Anandibaa smirks and tells that they can’t left the fast incomplete. She proclaims to find the key first and then throw Emily out of the house.

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