Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Priyanka’s request gets Emily into trouble


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Episode starts with Anandibaa trying to convince Priyanka to re-think about her decision to divorce Nilesh, to which she denies the request and tells Anandibaa that even her daughter-in-law, Emily will leave Aarav if he gets bald. Anandibaa glares at Emily and confronts her. She questions the latter that if she will leave Aarav if he gets bald? To which she gets into turmoil and keeps staring at the latter. Priyanka drags Emily to aside and notify her about the situation. She request the latter to support her, till she gets rid of Nilesh. She also states that Aarav isn’t going to be bald and ask Emily to agree to her statement in front of Anandibaa.

Here, Payal hears Priyanka’s advice and goes towards her. She stops the latter from troubling Emily. She questions that why Priyanka is making Emily fall into trouble, just to save herself. Priyanka defends herself and says that Aarav won’t be able to get bald and assures that Emily doesn’t have to leave him. She manipulates them to help her and ask to support her decision.

Anandibaa calls Emily towards herself, while Gunjan and Pinky enjoys the drama. Anandibaa sends Emily inside the temple to get pious water, while the latter joins hands in front of God and starts praying to him. Meanwhile, Lord Krishna appears in front of her and she questions him that if she is going to do something wrong? To which he smiles and replies her.

Elsewhere, Lord Krishna tells Emily that the thing which can be right for her can be wrong for him and the thing which will be right for him can be wrong for her. She gets confused and insist him to explain it to her, but he smiles and says that he cannot explain it any further to her as he have to go somewhere else. He disappears from there while Emily gets into thinking.

Pinky comes to check on Emily and tells her that Anandibaa is calling her immediately. She makes fun if Emily stating that she is talking to God, while the latter appears behind Pinky and smiles at Emily to cheer her up. Emily then takes the water and goes towards Anandibaa. The latter holds the mug and pours water on Emily’s hand asking her to take an oath that she will leave Aarav if he gets bald.

Ahead, Gulab and Aagya gets shocked hearing Anandibaa’s statement. The latter tries to stop Emily from taking any step and makes some excuses, but Anandibaa scolds him and ask to stay away from their matter. Priyanka request Emily to accept it and assures that nothing will happen to Aarav and her relationship, while Gulab immediately informs Aarav about it.

Aarav keeps losing his wig and gets frustrated. Jaman laughs at his face while the latter rebukes him for finding a bad wig for him. He gets worried about Emily and his relationship, while at that time he gets Gulab’s message and rushes to his house to stop Emily. Meanwhile, the latter takes the water and makes an oath to leave Aarav if he gets bald. Anandibaa smirks looking at Pinky and Gunjan, while Aarav gets shocked along with the other mens.

Further, Gulab and Aagya suggests Aarav to tell the truth to Emily but he couldn’t able to say it. Meanwhile, Anandibaa notify everyone that she has asked the lawyer to prepare divorce papers of Priyanka and Nilesh. She also informs about Emily and Aarav’s divorce papers which they gets shocked. She even warns Gulab to return her money, while he stays silent. Meanwhile, Anandibaa tells about her vow to do puja when she wins the case. She ask Aarav to donate his hair to the temple in order to complete her vow, while the latter gets shocked.

Precap:- Anandibaa performs puja for daughter-in-law and does aarti of Gunjan. The latter smiles at Anandibaa, while Payal questions her that if she will make Emily sit on the other chair for the puja, as she is the second daughter-in-law. Aarav ask Emily to sit on the chair, but Anandibaa stops her. She tells that Emily is their guest only for a few moments, while everyone gets shocked.

Episode starts with Aarav taking a bath and uses the hair remover cream on his hair instead of shampoo. He was unaware of Gunjan and Pinky’s ploy and couldn’t able to notice that his shampoo got swapped. He looks at his face on the mirror and gets shocked seeing himself bald. He immediately calls Jaman and notify him about the matter. The latter also gets dumbstruck, while Aarav ask him to bring hair for himself. Jaman gets into turmoil and tries to help his friend. Whereas, Aarav worries about Emily’s decision after finding about his situation.

Here, Emily discuss about Priyanka’s matter with Payal. The latter will ask that if Emily will really leave Aarav if he gets bald? To which Emily replies that she won’t have to face such situation in her life. She proclaims that Aarav will never loose his hair and says that soon they will get Nilesh arrested and make him pay for his wrong deeds.

Payal gives an advice to Emily and ask her to think about herself first, before helping anyone else. Emily replies that she will tell the truth to Ananadibaa once Priyanka gets the divorce from Nilesh. Whereas, Ananadibaa gets instigated by Gulab against Emily. He tells her that the latter is spreading rumours about her that she is going to jail.

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