Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Aarav tries to break Emily’s fast


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Episode starts with Anandibaa along with Kanchan, Gunjan and Pinky following Emily towards the upstairs. They sees her holding the sweet dish and thinks that she is trying to eat it secretly. Kanchan tries to warn Emily, but Anandibaa stops her stating that it’s better for her to realise that she isn’t suitable for their house. Gunjan and Pinky smirks thinking about their plan getting successful. Whereas, Aarav and Jaman also keeps an eye on Emily and watches her movements.

Here, Emily puts the plate down and calls the small cats. She starts feeding them the food, while everyone gets stunned by her kind gesture. They all gets touched and emotional by her behaviour, while she keeps feeding the food to the cats. At that time she notices their presence and smiles towards them, while Kanchan ask if she is still keeping the fast?

Emily replies that she will never break the fast secretly and ask them to have trust on her. Gunjan gets irked seeing her sweet behaviour and worries about proving her bad for their house. Whereas, Pinky gets emotional seeing Emily’s gesture and praises her in front of everyone.

Elsewhere, Aarav also gets teary eyes by seeing the kindness of Emily. He tells that even when she is hungry, she is still feeding the kittens. Aarav shares his feelings with Jaman. Whereas, the latter gives food to Aarav and ask him to eat, but the latter denies thinking about Emily’s fast.

At that time Kanchan gets inside Aarav’s room, while Jaman hurridly hides the food. She comes inside and smells the food, while they both tries to divert her mind. Jaman keeps the food box along with him and makes excuses to keep Kanchan away from it. Whereas, she praises Emily in front of Aarav and says that she is really kind hearted.

Ahead, Anandibaa explains about the new ritual to Emily and notify her that she have to find the key to bring out the coconut, so that she can get coconut out and have to put it on Aarav’s leg before the sunset. Anandibaa states that if Emily fails then she won’t be able to complete her fast, whereas the latter starts searching for the key which Anandibaa has hidden somewhere inside the house.

Emily ask for hints from the family members, but they confuses her. She keeps searching for the keys, while Gunjan shares her worry with Pinky, to throw Emily out of the house. Whereas, the latter shows the coconut to Gunjan and tells that she has stolen it and assures that Emily won’t be able to complete the ritual, while Gunjan gets impressed with her sister.

Further, Jaman warns Aarav that if Emily completes the ritual successfully then he won’t be able to go to America. Whereas, Aarav tries to break Emily’s fast by making her drink water. But, she denies and tells him that she hates lies, whereas he regrets lying to her for his feelings towards her. Meanwhile, she keeps searching for the keys but finds hidden money and other expensive items of the family members, which were stolen by Gunjan and Pinky.

Precap:- Emily tries her best to find the key but couldn’t able to get it. She keeps the gold Jewelleries in front of Anandibaa, which were stolen by Gunjan and Pinky. Emily gets sad as she couldn’t able to get the keys, while Aarav signals her not to worry. Meanwhile, Anandibaa declares that Emily couldn’t able to fulfill her ritual and states that she will take out the keys first and then throw Emily out of the house.

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