Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 25th July 2022 Written Update: Aarav shows his concern towards Emily


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 25th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Emily meeting Aarav and shares her worry with him, while he encourages her to find the key and assures that she will be able to complete the task given by Anandibaa. Emily smiles at him and shows her gratitude, while he gets mesmerized by her beauty.

Meanwhile, Emily continues her search to get the key to open the locker, but couldn’t able to find it even after a long time. Whereas, Sanghanis keeps waiting for the result. Anandibaa proclaims to throws Emily out of the house, if she fails the task.

Here, Aarav motivates Emily and advice her not to loose her hope. Whereas, she keeps finding lost jewelleries of the house, while everyone gets stunned seeing their jewelleries. Pinky and Gunjan gets tensed seeing their stolen things getting revealed by Emily and shares worry with one another.

Gunjan suffers from the affect of sleeping pills while Pinky looks after her. Whereas, Anandibaa ask Gunjan to do some chores, but th latter spoils it by spilling the water. Anandibaa scolds Gunjan and ask her to be careful which doing anything.

Elsewhere, Pinky takes a stand for her sister and convinces Anandibaa that she has already worked a lot and got tired. Anandibaa shows her concern towards Gunjan, while Pinky takes her aside. Whereas, Emily find some jewelleries from the water tank and thought it to be the key.

Aarav sees the jewelleries and tells Emily that she haven’t found the keys. Anandibaa reminds Emily about their challenge that if she fails, then she will have to leave the house immediately. Emily gets tensed, while Aarav advice her to keep looking for the keys, while the latter follow his advice.

Ahead, Emily shares her tension with Pinky while the latter mistakenly tells her about the place where they have hidden the stolen jewelleries. Emily shows hr gratitude towards Pinky and rushes to complete the task.

Pinky realises her mistake and immediately tells Gunjan about it. The latter scolds her sister and gets worried about their truth getting exposed. Whereas, Emily finds a key and gives to Anandibaa. The latter smirks stating that it isn’t the right key, while Aagya takes it and says that the key belongs to him.

Further, Emily insists Anandibaa tk give her time but the latter replies that she won’t be able to complete her task. At that time Anandibaa starts a Puja, but th fire catches her saree. Emily throws water on Anandibaa to save her life. Meanwhile, finally Emily finds the key and proceeds to break the coconut on Aarav’s feet in order to complete the ritual.

Precap:- Anandibaa tells Aarav that Emily couldn’t able to complete the task on time. She reminds all the family members about the challenge and ask Emily to leave the house. The latter gets shocked, while Gunjan and Pinky becomes excited. Anandibaa also smirks as Emily packs her bag to leave the house. The latter turns to look at the family members, while Kanchan insists Anandibaa to stop her and declares that she has completed all her tasks. Anandibaa prohibits Kanchan from saying anything and proclaims that she won’t change her decision.

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