Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 26th July 2022 Written Update: Emily fails to complete her task on time


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Anandibaa instructing Emily to break the coconut on Aarav’s feet, while the latter couldn’t able to understand the instructions properly and hits the coconut on Aarav’s leg. The latter screams in pain, while everyone gets shocked seeing it. Anandibaa scolds Emily for her mistake and ask her to correct it. She shows her concern towards Aarav, while Kanchan again explains Emily about the ritual and ask her to do it carefully. Gunjan and Pinky enjoys the drama, while Emily gets successful in breaking the coconut. She gets elated to finish the task.

Here, Emily shows her excitement in front of Sanghanis, while Anandibaa smirks looking at the clock. She notify Emily that the latter couldn’t able to complete the task on time and so she fails to win the challenge. All gets shocked by Anandibaa’s decision, while Emily becomes silent and keeps looking at Anandibaa.

Kanchan along with Aarav tries to convince Anandibaa to change her decision, but the latter stays firm on it. She gets happy from inside as her plan gets successful to throw Emily out of Aarav’s life. She orders the latter to leave their house and orders Jaman to shift her to his lodge.

Elsewhere, Emily also tries to convince Anandibaa but the latter stays firm on her decision. Gunjan smiles and shares her happiness with Pinky. She states that Pinky’s way to get married to Aarav gets clear and shows her gratitude towards the God. They enjoys the drama and keeps witnessing everything from aside.

Jaman also feels bad for Emily but couldn’t able to speak anything in front of Anandibaa. He looks at Emily and sees her shocked, while Aarav also thinks about ways to stop Emily. At that time Gulab gets a call from him priest and attends it quickly.

Ahead, Gulab’s priest notify him about a shocking news. He tells that the day is not auspicious to keep any fast. Anandibaa hears about it and realises her mistake. She mistook the day to be auspicious for fasting and then apprises all the members about it. She cancels the fasting task and allows Emily to stay back in the house.

Anandibaa writes all the mistakes which Gunjan has done and gives it to Pinky. She ask Gunjan to stay ready with good explanations behind all her mistakes, orelse she will stop doing her puja. Pinky notify Gunjan abi it, while the latter starts her acting and gets successful in trapping Anandibaa.

Later, Gunjan ploys against Emily and determines to throw her out of the house. Whereas, Anandibaa gets irked by the way Aarav explains things to Emily. Meanwhile, Anandibaa makes some pickles and then Emily gives them some pickles to eat, but Anandibaa gets furious thinking that it’s her pickle and confronts Emily for entering the kitchen without her permission. Emily denies her allegations, but Gunjan ask for the proofs.

Precap:- Sanghanis wait for Emily to give her proof, while the latter holds the rope and swings inside the kitchen to take the pickle. Whereas, Gunjan gets a call and makes a plan to throw Emily out of the house. She smirks and shares her ploy with Pinky, while she rushes towards Anandibaa and acts to get worried. She tells that everything will get over as Jaybala is coming. She tells about the arrival of Jaybala, whereas Anandibaa along with her family gets shocked.

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