Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 27th July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa prohibits Emily to enter the kitchen


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 27th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Anandibaa declaring that she will throw Emily out of the house, if she fails to prove her statement. Gunjan keeps the pickle jar inside the kitchen shelf, while Emily again tells that she didn’t entered inside the kitchen to take the pickle. Gunjan taunts her and ask her to prove herself right, by showing it to them.

At that time Emily ask for a rope, while Gunjan makes fun of her. She then takes it and throws inside the kitchen. She hangd herself and enters inside the kitchen without touching the floor. She swings and then picks the pickle jar, whereas others gets shocked seeing her.

Here, Aarav smiles looking at Emily whereas Anandibaa declares that Emily gets successful in proving her statement and so she won’t throw her out of the house. Gunjan and Pinky gets tensed and determine to throw the latter out of their lives. Anandibaa looks at Gunjan and moves towards her to say something, but then ignores her and goes away towards her room.

Emily watches videos and takes the help from internet to impress Anandibaa. She learns about bargaining in order to become a perfect daughter-in-law. She decides to imply the ideas, while Gunjan secretly follows her and keeps an eye on her.

Elsewhere, Gulab completes the task given by Parimal and tells Anandibaa about it. She advice him to work for new job instead of following Parimal’s instructions. She even notify him about some of the jobs, but he keeps rejecting them stating that it doesn’t suits him. She gets irked by him, while Kanchan also comes there and shows her support towards her husband.

Emily goes out and ask for some vegetables from the vendor. She tries to explain the names of vegetables, but the ladies along with the vendor makes fun of her. Gunjan sees them and enjoys the drama. Everyone queen that how Anandibaa is bearing Emily, while at that time Aarav sees her and comes to her rescue.

Ahead, Aarav confronts Emily while she notify him about her idea. He helps her to get the apt vegetables, while the vendor says that he couldn’t able to understand Emily’s language. The latter looks at the women’s laughing at her and says that she won’t loose her confidence because of them and determines to win Anandibaa’s trust.

Gunjan witnesses the scenario and remembers a flashback. She recalls how Anandibaa stopped a marriage and ask them to wait for Jaibala to come. The guests insists her tk let the marriage gets completed but she gets adamant on her decision. At that time Jaibala comes there and Anandibaa notify her about the bride being her daughter, who is marrying a foreigner groom.

Further, Jaibala gets shocked while Anandibaa taunts the daughter. Meanwhile, Gunjan gets a plan and calls Jaibala. She intentionally tells about Aarav’s wife, while the latter gets surprised learning about his marriage and decides to visit to Sanghanis house.

Precap:- Gunjan fakes her drama in front of Sanghanis and tells Anandibaa that Jaibala is coming. The latter gets shocked, while Gunjan states that everything will get ruined. Anandibaa remembers the flashback when she asked Jaibala to choose in between the society or her daughter, where the latter has broken her daughter’s marriage. Anandibaa gets tensed thinking that she will have to break Emily and Aarav’s marriage in order to save her authority.

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