Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 28th July 2022 Written Update: Jaibala plans to visit Sanghanis house


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Episode starts with Gunjan talking to Jaibala and notify her about Aarav’s wedding. She acts in front of her and tells that Anandibaa was upset because she has to conduct the wedding without her presence, while Jaibala also gets emotional. Gunjan insists the latter to visit their house and bless the new married couple, while Jaibala gets excited and decides to come there. She ask Gujan to notify Anandibaa about her visit, but the latter replies that it will be better to give ehr surprise and ask Jaibala to keep it a secret.

Here, Jaibala agrees to Gunjan’s plan without learning about her real intentions. She assures to come there as soon as possible, while Gunjan smirks and cuts the call. She proclaims to throw Emily out of the house without getting exposed that she is behind it. Where, Pinky asks er a stupid question.

Gunjan gets irked at Pinky and scolds her. She says that she is doing everything for her and ask latter to use her brain for sometime. Pinky apologises to Gunjan, while both plans to hide about their conversation with Jaibala and says that if Anandibaa learns about it, then she won’t leave them.

Elsewhere, Aarav makes Emily understand that no one understands or love her in their place. He tries to convince her to return back to America, but she denies and says that she will keep trying to win everyone’s heart. She proclaims that she will only leave when Aarav say that he doesn’t love her.

Emily questions Aarav about his feelings towards her, while he again lies and assures her that he always loves her. She gets overwhelmed and shows him a locket with his name’s initial. She ask him to make her wear that so that he will always be there with her, while he gets touched by it.

Ahead, Gulab gets frustrated as he doesn’t find any job suitable for himself. He shares his problem with Kanchan and says that he started loosing his trust on Parimal. He ask her suggestion that if he should take back his money from Parimal? To which she replies that he cannot even say a sentence in front of him then how will he ask back the money?

Parimal calls Gulab and tells that India isn’t suitable for him and ask him to go to abroad, as he belongs there. He notify Kanchan about it and keeps thinking about his future. Whereas, Gunjan notify Anandibaa about Jaibala’s visit while the latter gets shocked and gets flashes of her daughter’s marriage. She proclaims that if latter find about Aarav and Emily’s marriage then she will ask to break it.

Further, Aarav gets worried about his childhood dream and insists Anandibaa not to accept Jaibala’s condition. Whereas, Gunjan hides the truth from Anandibaa that she herself called her and thinks about breaking Aarav and Emily’s marriage. She also suggests a way to avoid Jaibala and tells her plan to Anandibaa, just in order to win her trust, while the latter gets impressed by Gunjan.

Precap:- Gunjan tells Anandibaa that Jaibala is not with Aagya. The latter shows her fake concern and ask if she already met Emily? To which Anandibaa gets worried. At that time Jaibala arrives there along with Aarav and says that Anandibaa has broken her own rules. The both looks at eachother, while Gunjan interferes in between them, but Jaibala stops her and declares that she will question and only Anandibaa will answer it.

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