Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 29th July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa tries to hide Emily from Jaibala


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Episode starts with Anandibaa getting worried about facing Jaibala and remembers their past memories. She recalls how she had forced Jaibala to break her daughter’s marriage with the foreigner guy. Anandibaa gets scared that Jaibala will create the same situation for her and shares her worry with her family, while Aarav proclaims that he won’t leave Emily.

He ask Anandibaa to think about some solution and tells that he will take Emily out of the house, to which Gunjan also tells a plan to send Emily and Aarav out for sometime.

Here, Gunjan tells that they will hide Emily from Jaibala in order to avoid any crucial situation. Whereas, Anandibaa gets impressed by her and showers her love towards Gunjan. Whereas, Pinky questions the latter about her plan, to which she proclaims that she will herself make Jaibala meet Emily as she wants to break Aarav’s marriage with her.

Pinky praises Gunjan’s ploy and gets excited to marry Aarav after his separation with Emily. Whereas, Emily scares Aarav by saying that she is going back to America. He gets shocked and confronts her, while she laughs and tells that she isn’t going anywhere.

Elsewhere, Aarav gets relaxed and says that he thought she will leave him. She assures to always be with him and plans to exceed her stay. Aarav ask her not to exceed it and advice to visit America with him. She proclaims that she won’t leave the house without convincing Anandibaa and other family members to accept their marriage wholeheartedly.

At that time Anandibaa comes there and ask Emily and Aarav to go. The latter thinks that his mother has given permission to visit America and gets excited, but then realises that he don’t have visa. Anandibaa scolds her and tells that she is just asking him to take Emily out of the house. She also instructs him to keep her away from Jaibala.

Ahead, Gulab changes his look as a foreigner and roams around the city. A lady sees him and urges to click a photo with the foreigner. He agrees to give her a picture in exchange of money and receives it after taking a selfie with the women. He gets elated and shows his faith towards Parimal.

Gunjan and Pinky scares Anandibaa stating that what if someone tells Jaibala about Emily being their daughter-in-law. She says that everyone knows about Aarav marrying a foreign and questions that what if Jaibala finds about it from someone else? Anandibaa gets scared, while Gunjan shows her fake concern towards her.

Further, Emily ask Aarav to tie her knot of the dress. He says that he haven’t done it before, while she calls him near her. He ties her dress while they both gets into an eyelock. Pinky cries seeing them together and complains with Gunjan, while the latter assures to separate them. Whereas, Aarav was waiting for Emily but Jaibala sees him and gets inside his car. He becomes shocked and drives away from there, leaving Emily and Jaman.

Precap:- Pinky says that Jaibala wants to see Emily’s face, to which Gunjan proclaims that they have to make Jaibala see Emily. Whereas, the latter serves the food to Sanghanis along with Jaibala by covering her face, while suddenly a fans starts and removes her veil. Jaibala gets shocked seeing Emily’s face and confronts Anandibaa being furious, while the latter gets shocked and keeps looking at Emily.

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