Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Pinky and Gunjan ploys to reveal Emily’s face


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Episode starts with Jaibala demanding to meet Aarav’s wife and insists to even see her face before leaving from there. Anandibaa gets shocked and declares that she can’t see Emily’s face, to which Jaibala gets confused and ask for the reason. Anandibaa looks at Gunjan and signals her for help, while the latter makes up an excuse that Emily haven’t completed her face reveal ceremony and so she can’t show her face before it. Jaibala gets sad stating that she will leave at 7 in the evening and proclaims that she came only to the see Aarav’s wife. Whereas, she gets an idea and insisted to let her meet Emily without seeing her face.

Here, Anandibaa and Gunjan looks at each other being shocked. Whereas, Gunjan agrees to Jaibala’s demand and convinces Anandibaa also in order to avoid the suspicion. The latter sends Gunjan inside Emily’s room and ask to bring her covered in a saree, so that Jaibala couldn’t able to see her.

Aarav tries to calm Emily as she keeps questioning him about the matter. She ask about hiding inside his room, while he makes up an excuse. At that time Gunjan comes there with a saree and tells Emily that she needs to meet a guest by covering her face in a saree. She makes the latter understand that she can’t remove the veil from her face.

Elsewhere, Emily denies to cover her face and says that she doesn’t like it. She insists Gunjan not to force her to cover her face with the saree, while the latter tries to convince her. Meanwhile, Aarav also explains her about the procedure and says that it’s a tradition.

Gunjan lies that it will protect Emily away from evil eyes and makes up a story that how her voice got affected due to evil eye. Aarav also explains Emily clearly about the culture of covering the face, while Gunjan also tells that Anandibaa asked her to do it. Emily agrees to cover her face after learning about Anandibaa’s order.

Ahead, Emily proclaims to do anything to gain Anandibaa’s trust and shows some other options like hat and scarf to cover her face, but Gunjan denies and says that she have to wear a saree. She sends Aarav away from the room and starts getting Emily ready traditionally. She intentionally wraps Emily’s saree not correctly in order to make her fall in front of Jaibala.

Gunjan ploys to reveal Emily’s face in front of Jaibala and shares it with Pinky, while the latter appreciates her sister’s evil plan. She says that the latter is a great actor, while Gunjan smirks and determines to throw Emily out of the house. Whereas, Emily comes downstairs and meet Jaibala along with other family members.

Further, Kanchan helps Emily to take blessings from the elders. Jaibala gets shocked seeing Emily’s white hands and was about to see her face, when Anandibaa stops her. The latter questions about it while Gunjan cooks up a lie. Aarav takes Emily inside the room, while Pinky gets disappointed as Emily’s face doesn’t get revealed in front of Jaibala. Whereas, Gunjan ask not to loose her hope.

Precap:- Gunjan determines to expose Emily in front of Jaibala, while Pinky says that the latter will see Emily’s face only when Emily will go in front of her. Whereas, Gunjan insists Jaibala to stay and eat Emily’s handmade food, while the latter agrees. Gunjan acts to be innocent in front of Anandibaa and tells that Jaibala is adamant to eat Emily’s handmade food.

Meanwhile, Emily serves the food to Jaibala, when Gunjan switches on the fan in front of her and the veil gets uncovered, revealing Emily’s face. Everyone gets shocked while Jaibala rebukes Anandibaa for bringing a foreigner daughter-in-law.

Episode starts with Emily getting inside the house while Anandibaa scolds Gulab and Kanchan for bringing her inside through the front gate. She looks for Jaibala and gets relieved as the latter went to her room. She ask Emily go to inside her room, while she notify them about the weird behaviour of Aarav and states that she is looking for him.

Kanchan replies that Aarav is inside his room and tries to send Emily upstairs, while the latter notices Jaibala’s presence and ask about her. Anandibaa gets worried and tells that she is dangerous and ask Emily to remain inside her room.

Here, Emily gets suspicious and confronts Anandibaa about the matter, to which latter forces her to go inside the room stating that Aarav is waiting for her. Emily gets anxious after hearing it and rushes inside his room. She determines to confront him about the matter, while Jaibala comes there to say something to Anandibaa.

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