Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 30th July 2022 Written Update: Jaibala visits Sanghanis house


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Episode starts with Jaibala noticing Aarav and sits inside his car. He gets shocked as he was waiting for Emily and then sees her coming from behind. In order to save Emily from coming in front of Jaibala, he rushes his car, leaving Emily with Jaman.

Whereas, the latter gets shocked and tries to stop Aarav. She runs behind his car and comes in front of him, he gets stunned and turns his car away from her. Jaman notices Emily being missing and calls Aarav to inform that she is chasing him. He gets irked and ask Jaman to look after her.

Here, Aarav keeps turning the car to avoid the clash of Emily and Jaibala. He gets afraid about the situation and determines to save his and Emily’s marriage, as it can only fulfill his childhood dream to visit America. Whereas, Emily gets confused with his behaviour and keeps following him.

Jaibala confronts Aarav for his rash driving, to which he lies to her. He immediately turns his car towards his house and drops Jaibala there, whereas Anandibaa keeps worrying about her encounter with Jaibala. Gunjan and Pinky discuss about their plan, while the latter says that now she can imagine herself as Aarav’s wife.

Elsewhere, Anandibaa shares her worry with Gujan while the latter notify that Jaibala goes missing from the bus stand and must be reaching their hoise soon. She also warns Anandibaa that what if Jaibala will meet Emily outside the house, while Anandibaa gets tensed thinking about the concequences.

At that time Gulab comes there and they all gets shocked seeing his changed attire. He notify about Parimal’s advice and says that he will get work only as a foreigner. Anandibaa avoids him while Kanchan keeps noticing his behaviour. Whereas, Anandibaa explains their idea to everyone that they all have to hide Emily from Jaibala.

Ahead, Anandibaa clearifies that they can’t afford to let Emily meet Jaibala, while at that time the latter comes there and confronts Anandibaa. She confronts that why Anandi didn’t came to pick her up from the bus stand and reminds about their previous encounter. They gets flashes of Jaibala’s daughter’s marriage which got broken because of Anandibaa.

Aarav also comes inside along with Jaibala, while Gunjan lies that Anandibaa was waiting anxiously for Jaibala. She tells that her mother-in-law admires Jaibala a lot, while the latter gets happy and tells that she will leave soon. Jaibala also wire Anandibaa for not inviting them for Aarav’s wedding, while Gunjan makes some other excuses.

Further, Emily comes inside the house and decides to confront Aarav for his behaviour, while Kanchana dn Gulab tries to stop her. Emily laughs seeing Gulab’s getup and decides to ask him about it later, Kanchan tries to explain her about the problem, but she goes inside. Whereas, Pinky sees her and notify that Emily is there.

Jaibala gets suspicious and proclaims that the name is foreigner, to which Gunjan handles the situation and sends Jaibala to rest. Whereas, Emily comes inside the house and Anandibaa scolds Kanchan and Gulab for not doing their work properly.

Precap:- Pinky says that Jaibala wants to see Emily’s face, to which Gunjan proclaims that they have to make Jaibala see Emily. Whereas, the latter serves the food to Sanghanis along with Jaibala by covering her face, while suddenly a fans starts and removes her veil. Jaibala gets shocked seeing Emily’s face and confronts Anandibaa being furious, while the latter gets shocked and keeps looking at Emily.

Star Plus popular daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily is unravelling lot many dramas with each passing day. The show is making the viewers curious, with its unpredictable storyline.

Previously, Anandibaa challenged Emily but the latter fails to complete the task on time. Anandibaa asked Emily to leave the house due to some misunderstandings, but then the latter got a second chance.

Meanwhile, Gunjan failed in her ploy and gets a new idea to separate Aarav and Emily. She notified Jaibala about Aarav’s marriage and invited her in their house.

In the current track, Gunjan lies to Anandibaa and says that Jaibala herself wanted to come to their house. Anandibaa gets worried about facing the latter and gets flashes of the moment when she herself asked Jaibala to choose in between her authorities or her daughter’s marriage with a foreigner.

Here, Anandibaa says that Jaibala will create the same situation for her while Aarav gets tensed thinking about getting separated by Emily. He clearifies his decision that he won’t let her and ask his mother to find any solution, so that Emily won’t be able to meet Jaibala.

Gunjan pretends to care about Anandibaa and shows her fake concern. She gives an idea to keep Emily out of the house and ask Aarav to take her somewhere till the evening. Anandibaa gets impressed by Gunjan and appreciates her.

Ahead, Aagya tells Gunjan that he couldn’t able to find Jaibala, while the latter smirks and ask Pinky to be prepared to welcome Jaibala inside their house. She ploys to expose Emily in front of her, in order to end her and Aarav’s marriage.

Emily pranks with Aarav and then determines to win Sanghanis love and trust before going back to America. Aarav gets irked by her decision but couldn’t able to say anything. He gets impatient to go to America. Whereas, Anandibaa ask them to go somewhere in order to hide from Jaibala.

Later, Emily and Aarav shares a romantic moment. Pinky gets jealous of them while Gunjan consoles her and promises to separate them. Whereas, Jaibala encounters with Gulab but couldn’t able to recognise him as he was disguised as a foreigner. She then sees Aarav and sits inside his car, while he gets shocked and drives away from there leaving behind Emily.

Now in the upcoming episode, Gunjan will ploy to expose Emily in front of Jaibala, while Pinky will say that it will happen only if Emily goes in front of her. Gunjan will force Jaibala to have food from Aarav’s wife’s hand, while the latter will agree as Gunjan forces her.

Whereas, Gunjan will show her fake concern towards Anandibaa and tells about Jaibala’s demand. Meanwhile, Emily will wear a veil and serves foods to Jaibala, while someone will place a huge fan in front of Emily and her veil flies away.

Jaibala will get shocked to see Emily’s face and confronts Anandibaa, while the latter will get shocked.

Will Aarav be able to save his marriage?

Will Emily be able to impress Jaibala?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

Stay tuned with us for more news, Spoilers and written updates of Anandibaa Aur Emily.

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