Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Aarav helps Emily to serve Jaibala


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Episode starts with Aarav sitting along with Emily and ask her to keep her face covered. He gets scared of getting exposed in front of Jaibala and thinks that his dream of visiting America will also get ruined. He determines to save Emily and stays along with her, while Kanchan comes there to give food to them. She knocks the door while he ask her the secret password and then opens the door for her. She serves them food and ask to stay inside their room only, while Aarav assures her. She leaves and then again comes there making sure that they both stays inside their room.

Here, Aarav becomes nervous while Emily gets bored waiting inside the room. He sings songs for her to entertain and both enjoys each other’s company. She then opens her veil and laughs along with him. They both runs inside the room and tries to catch eachother.

Gunjan ploys against Emily and manipulates Jaibala to stay along with them till the Muh-Dikhai ritual. The latter acts to be emotional and says that Anandibaa will miss her if she leaves without attending the function, while Jaibala feels bad and decides to stay till the function gets over. She also tells Jaibala to taste Emily’s handmade food.

Elsewhere, Gunjan lies to Anandibaa that Jaibala decided to stay till the Muh-Dikhai ritual and scares the latter. She says that what if Jaibala gets to see Emily’s face, then Anandibaa have to leave her authorities and gets into a critical situation to choose in between Emily or her authority.

Anandibaa gets worried while Gunjan says that she will plan something to save her. She proclaims that she won’t let Jaibala see Emily and says that the latter have to come in front of Jaibala with a veil on her face, so that the latter won’t be able to see her. She gains Anandibaa’s trust and well as blessing.

Ahead, Jaman gives money to some people and ask them to act inside the Sanghanis house. He explains them to praise one another’s work and ask to pretend that they are decorating for the Muh-Dikhai ritual. He explains the artists their work and tells them to lie about the ritual in front of Jaibala.

Jaman smiles thinking that by seeing the decorations and fake people, Jaibala wont doubt about their lie and will leave soon. Whereas, Jaibala gets suspicious as the artists starts praising one another’s work in front of her. She shares her suspicion with Anandibaa and Gunjan, while the latter lies to her. She then tells Anandibaa that only because of her blessings she is being able to tackle the problems.

Further, Gunjan tells her plan to Pinky about exposing Emily in front of Jaibala. She then imagines how Jaibala will get shocked seeing Emily’s face. She notify Aarav and Emily to come downstairs and instructs Emily not to remove her veil. The latter questions how she will serve the food as she couldn’t able to see anything while wearing the veil, while Aarav comes forward to help her and instructs her through the earpods.

Precap:- Gunjan keeps her leg on Emily’s dress and exposes her face in front of everyone. Jaibala gets shocked seeing it, while Sanghanis becomes worried. Jaibala taunts Anandibaa and gives a scissor to her. She tells that now it’s Anandibaa’s turn to choose in between her authorities and culture or the son, who denied to follow their traditional customs. Emily looks at Anandibaa being tensed, while the latter keeps staring at Aarav and Emily.

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