Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 5th July 2022 Written Update: Aarav decides to apologise to Emily


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Episode starts with Anandibaa along with all the residents of Gondal getting shocked by seeing Emily. Sanghani becomes stunned witnessing Aarav and Emily’s closeness, whereas Anandibaa gets furious at Aarav. She shouts at him, while Aagya also scolded his brother for disobeying their mother.

He reminds Aarav about the rule that nothing can be done without Anandibaa’s consent. Aarav gets worried and looks at Jaman, they both gulps in fear being scared of Anandibaa’s anger, while Aarav gets an idea and lies to his mother that Emily was in need and so he helped her.

Here, Aarav tells that Mridula sended Emily in her place and asked to look after her. He tries to make Anandibaa emotional, while Gunjan interrupts in between and instigates Anandibaa against Emily. Whereas, the latter tries to clearify her intentions after getting scolded by Anandibaa and tells that she didn’t knew about anything.

Anandibaa orders Aarav to throw Emily out of the house, the latter tries to convince Anandibaa but gets unsuccessful. Whereas, Aarav agrees to his mother without having any other choice and sends Emily along with Jaman.

Elsewhere, Anandibaa visits the market along with Gunjan and worries about Aarav. Whereas, Gunjan acts to be innocent in front of her mother-in-law and talks to Pinky asking her to make food for Anandibaa, so that the latter will get impressed with her and makes her marry to Aarav.

Anandibaa and Gunjan gets confused seeing Gulab doing everything facing other side and ask about the matter, to which Kanchan reveals that he went to Parimal priest and that only ask him to do it for good fortune. Anandibaa gets frustrated with him and then sees the mistakes done by Pinky. She tells Gunjan that her sister is learning from her but slowly. Whereas, Pinky gets scolded by Gunjan.

Ahead, Aarav gets worried for Emily and calls Jaman. He queen about the latter, while he replies that she is angry about all the incident. Aarav ask Jaman to make him talk to Emily so that he can apologise for his mistake, while the latter sees her fighting with mosquitoes and then goes towards her.

Emily gets furious at Aarav after seeing him in video call. She expresses her anger and says that she felt bad by the way Anandibaa misunderstood her. She blames everything on Aarav, while the latter tries to convince her. She ends the call and denies to speak to him, whereas he determines to seek her forgiveness. He shares his worry with Jaman while Gunjan and Pinky hears his conversation. The latter makes a plan and smirks evilly.

Further, Emily goes inside the temple and expresses about her love for India. She says that she was an Indian in her previous birth and reveals about her motive to find her true love there. She insists the God to help her and give her some signal to find her soulmate. She sees a women spinning around in front of God’s idol and starts doing it too. At that time Aarav comes there and stands in front of her, while she gets stunned after opening her eyes and seeing him.

Precap:- Anandibaa shouts at Aarav and prohibits him from signing the marriage documents, whereas he replies that he have already done it. Gunjan questions Emily that if she have also signed the papers? To which the latter replies positively. Anandibaa and Gunjan gets shocked, while the latter cries and tells that the destiny have done its work.

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