Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 5th October 2022 Written Update: Aarav finds a ray of hope to visit America


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Episode starts with Aarav talking to Emily about visiting America. He says that he wants to fulfill his childhood dream, while Emily also agrees to him. She says that Anandibaa won’t be able to accept her and states that she is tired of trying to impress the latter. Emily proclaims that Anandibaa isn’t ready to agree that she also can be an Indian women with traditional values. She decides to go to America along with Aarav, while the latter gets surprised and shows his gratitude towards Emily. He holds her hands and starts dancing with her, while at that time Emily wakes him up and he realises it to be his dream.

Here, Aarav talks about the happy dream and proclaims to fulfill it. Emily sits along with him and states that she wants to tell him something. He becomes excited and ask her to continue while at that time Jaman calls him.. Aarav gets frustrated as Emily couldn’t able to tell her news and goes away from there, stating that she will tell him later.

Aarav gets furious at Jaman and calls him back. He scolds him for disturbing the perfect time, to which Jaman ask him not to cut his call again. He shows two guests to him on video call and notify that they are going to America. Aarav gets shocked and ask about the procedure, to which they apprises that Mr. Bharat is helping them to get the visa of America.

Elsewhere, Aarav questions Jaman about Mr. Bharat, while the latter ask him to come to the hotel as the latter is staying there. Aarav gets excited and shows his gratitude towards Jaman. He immediately leaves for the hotel, whole Gunjan notices Emily coming out of Aarav’s room and scolds Pinky for not keeping an eye on her. She gives a warning to the latter that she will loose Aarav if she keeps neglecting such things.

Gunjan proclaims that if Aarav and Emily gets close then Pinky won’t be able to marry him afterwards. She states that they have to be careful and keep an eye on them, so that they won’t be able to spend time together. Pinky agrees to Gunjan and apologises for her mistake. Whereas, Emily goes towards Anandibaa and states that she wants to give a good news to her.

Ahead, Gunjan manipulates Anandibaa against Emily while the latter gets nervous to find about the news of Emily. At that time Emily feels dizzy and sits on the sofa while Gunjan and Anandibaa gets suspicious. They confronts her about the truth, to which she replies that she will tells Aarav first and then anyone else. She goes from there while Gunjan puts allegations on Emily for being pregnant.

Anandibaa denies to believe Gunjan and ask her not to put fake allegations without any proofs. She scolds Gunjan while the latter decides to instigate Anandibaa against Emily, so that she will throw the latter out of the house. Whereas, Aarav goes to meet Mr. Bharat and gets shocked after seeing him. He recalls the flashback when he accidentally met Mr. Bharat and misbehaved with him. He notify about it to Jaman and disguises his face to hide from the latter.

Further, Mr. Bharat notices Aarav but couldn’t able to recognise him. Jaman keeps interrupting him so that he won’t be able to recall the past incident. Aarav gets happy as Mr. Bharat assures to fulfill Aarav’s wish to visit America. Mr. Bharat gets impressed with Aarav and proclaims to get visa for him as soon as possible.

Precap:- Anandibaa confronts Emily and lashes out at her for trying to separate Aarav from her. Emily gets confused and ask about the matter, to which Anandibaa insults her and shows the papers in which Emily has given citizenship of America to Aarav. Anandibaa shows Emily’s signature, while the latter denies to do it. Anandibaa rebukes her and ask to confess the truth, whereas Emily gets upset.

Episode starts with Sanghanis searching for Anandibaa’s diamond pendent. The latter gets worried as she couldn’t able to find it. Gunjan proclaims that she has seen it, just before the puppy comes to the dinning table. She instigates Anandibaa against the puppy, while the latter thinks that it has swallowed the pendent. She gets furious at the puppy for consuming the last symbol of her mother and accuses Emily for it. Whereas, the latter stands aside holding the puppy. She gets concerned for the dog, while Anandibaa declares to throw it out of the house.

Here, Emily gets shocked hearing Anandibaa’s decision while Gunjan smirks. Aarav comes forward and makes his mother understand that they can’t send the puppy away, as it has their diamond inside his stomach. He also proclaims that they have to bring it out anyhow. Anandibaa agrees to her, while Gunjan also supports his decision.

Gunjan states that they can get rid of the dog, once they will get the diamond back. She shows her fake concern and states that if they couldn’t able to find the diamond pendent, they will have to face a huge loss. Emily assures Anandibaa that she will find the pendent anyhow and starts trying ways to bring it out of the puppy’s stomach.

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