Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 6th August 2022 Written Update: Emily’s identity gets exposed in front of Jaibala


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Episode starts with Gunjan getting Emily ready for the Muh-Dikhai ritual and makes her wear a long wig. She gains Anandibaa’s trust by pretending to help her in hiding Emily’s identity, but in reality she ploys to expose the latter in front of Jaibala. Emily comes downstairs and sits on the stage, while Jaibala gets suspicious seeing her long hair. Meanwhile, Anandibaa ask Gunjan to handle the situation and the latter acts to follow her command. Anandibaa questions Gunjan that how they will save Emily from getting exposed in front of Jaibala?

Here, Gunjan assures Anandibaa that she will handle the situation and proclaims that she will turn off the light, so that Jaibala couldn’t able to see Emily’s face. Anandibaa gets impressed by Gunjan’s idea and blesses her. Pinky gets doubtful about Gunjan and confronts her that how will they expose Emily in front of Jaibala? To which the latter ask her sister to have faith.

Gunjan notify Pinky that she won’t turn off the lights completely and will keep it dim, so that Jaibala can sees Emily’s face clearly and their plan will gets successful. Pinky gets impressed by Gunjan’s ploy and praises her. They both dims the light and goes to attend the function.

Elsewhere, Jaibala questions about the guests and ask if everyone won’t attend the function? To which Gunjan makes some excuse and says that Jaman is recording the ceremony and is live telecasting in Gondal. Jaibala gets elated and ask the guests to start the function.

Anandibaa gets worried seeing other ladies of Gondal sitting with Jaibala and thinks that they will notify the latter about Emily’s true identity. She shares her problem with Gunjan, while the latter increases the music sound to solve the matter. Jaibala questions about the loud noise while Gunjan makes some excuse and Jaibala says that the latter have answer to every question.

Ahead, Jaibala sees Emily’s face and becomes suspicious. She shares her doubt with Anandibaa and tells that her daughter-in-law have perfect black hair, but her eyebrows are golden. Anandibaa gets into tough spot, while Gunjan again makes some excuses and convinces Jaibala.

Gunjan intentionally keeps her leg on Emily’s wig and it comes out, exposing her real identity in front of everyone. Jaibala gets shocked and confronts Anandibaa. She mocks and taunts the latter and reminds about the past where she made her choose in between her daughter and authorities. She also gives a scissor to Anandibaa asking to break Aarav and Emily’s relationship, while Anandibaa gets tensed.

Further, Emily faces Jaibala and gets into a conversation with her. She impresses the latter with her love and knowledge regarding India. Whereas, Aarav also makes Jaibala realise her mistake and the latter accepts their marriage and blesses them. She also calls her daughter and agreed for her marriage with the foreigner guy. Gunjan and Pinky gets frustrated as their plan gets flopped, while Anandibaa plans to get rid of Emily as soon as possible.

Precap:- Gunjan and Pinky intentionally talks in front of Emily and lies to her about Anandibaa’s asthma problem. The latter practices yoga, while Emily thinks that she is getting the attack and goes in the kitchen to get the box to cure her. She makes Anandibaa feed the powder forcefully, while the latter gets furious at her. Emily tells the truth to everyone that she heard Gunjan and Pinky discussing about Anandibaa’s asthama attack and that is why gets inside the kitchen to get the medicine.

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