Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 7th July 2022 Written Update: Major twist in Aarav and Emily’s life


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 7th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Emily telling Aarav about her love towards India. She says that she was an Indian in her previous birth and determines to find her true love in India only. She gets impatient to get her soulmate, while he assures her that her wish soon will get fulfilled. He thinks about his dreams to visit America and says to Emily that they both have such different goals.

They both looks at each other, while Gunjan shows the property papers to Anandibaa and ask her to sign it, in order to send Emily away from their place as soon as possible. She states that after completing her work, Emily won’t have any reason to stay near Aarav and will go back to America.

Here, Gunjan convinces Anandibaa to sign the property papers and gives it to Emily. She ask the latter to check it and proclaims that rest of the procedure will get complete in the court. She fixes a lawyer for them in order to register the property and sends Emily aside. She confronts Aarav about his feelings towards Emily and ask him to reply her clearly.

Aarav denies having any feelings for Emily and says that he is just helping her to get a chance to visit America. He reminds about his dreams to Gunjan and says that he is trying to impress Emily by helping her, so that she will help him to fulfill her childhood dream. He goes away along with Emily, as Gunjan ask him to send Emily to Jaman’s guesthouse.

Elsewhere, Gunjan sits on the swing and plans to do something before Aarav develops feelings towards Emily. She determines to send the latter back to her place, so that she can continue her plan to fix Aarav and Pinky’s marriage. Meanwhile, Emily gets excited seeing the garba dance and ask about it to Aarav. He notify her about their culture and then goes to meet Jaman.

Emily enters the venue and starts dancing with the guests. Aarav also joins her and they both dances closely. Whereas, everyone gets impressed by them. Jaman praises them and Emily notify her love for India dance performances. She shows them her moves, while they appreciates her talent.

Ahead, Gunjan sees the video in social media where Emily and Aarav was dancing. She gets irked and goes to meet Pinky. She tells her to concentrate on their plan, orelse she will loose Aarav. The latter keeps laughing, while Gunjan gets frustrated with her sister. Whereas, the latter shows her concern towards Gunjan and increases her tension while trying to reduce it.

Emily and Aarav goes inside the court, while a guest comes to meet Anandibaa and insists her to accompany them in order to register their marriage in the court. Whereas, the lawyer of Aarav and Emily gets swapped by the marriage lawyer and they goes inside the marriage registerer office. The lawyer ask for their identification cards and makes them sign the papers.

Further, Gunjan talks with the lawyer and learns about the mistake. She gets shocked and notify Anandibaa about it. They try to call the lawyer again in order to stop the procedure but gets unsuccessful. Whereas, Anandibaa and Gunjan immediately reaches the court and tries to stop Aarav from signing the papers, while he replies that he have already done it.

Precap:- Gunjan plans a trick for Pinky to impress Anandibaa and Aarav. She tells that she will keep a fake snake inside Aarav’s room and ask Pinky to get inside his room and scream about snake. Whereas, Pinky does as per Gunjan’s instructions but gets shocked seeing the real snake. Gunjan gets confused hearing her sister’s scream and goes towards the room. Everyone gets terrified noticing the snake, while Aarav gets freezed in his place.

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