Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 8th July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa stops Emily and Aarav’s wedding


Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 8th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Anandibaa reaching the court along with Gunjan to stop Aarav and Emily’s wedding. She shouts at Aarav not to sign the papers, while he replies that he have already done it. Gunjan looks at Emily and questions if she has also done it? To which the latter reply positively. Gunjan cries and tells Anandibaa that it is their misfortune.

Whereas, the latter denies to accept the wedding. Aarav tries to explain that they got confused with property and marriage lawyer and ended up signing the marriage documents. He clearifies his intentions to his mother, while Emily also looks at them being tensed.

Here, Anandibaa glares at Emily and proclaims that she won’t let her enter their house at any cost. She questions the judge if he have approved the documents? To which the latter replies negatively and states that without his stamp, the marriage won’t be legal. Anandibaa laughs being elated and takes the marriage papers from him.

Anandibaa tears the marriage documents of Emily and Aarav. She gives a stern look to Emily and proclaims that she won’t let her get close to Aarav anymore. She drags Aarav from the court, while he keeps staring at Emily. Meanwhile, Gunjan gives a warning to Pinky in order to impress Anandibaa before Aarav and Emily gets close to one another.

Elsewhere, Anandibaa and Gunjan sees Gulab in snake charmer’s outfit playing the instrument to call the snake. Kanchan tells about the story behind his act and says that it will help him to find a work. Whereas, Gunjan gets an idea from it and shares with Pinky.

Gunjan makes a plan to scare Sanghanis and tells Pinky to save Aarav’s life from the fake snake, in order to get a place in Anandibaa’s heart. Pinky nods understanding her sister and agrees to do it. Whereas, Gunjan shows the fake snake to Pinky, while the latter gets scared.

Ahead, Gunjan lies to Anandibaa and says that she have seen a nightmare. She proclaims to see Aarav getting married with w foreigner girl, while Anandibaa gets worried. Gunjan insists to find a typical traditional girl for Aarav before any misfortune. She also states that they can give training to the girl to make her perfect, while Anandibaa agrees to her.

Anandibaa shows gratitude towards Gunjan for her concern and idea. Whereas, the latter hints towards her sister Pinky to be suitable for Aarav. Meanwhile, Emily visits Sanghanis and Anandibaa gets furious seeing her. Aagya questions her about coming into their house, to which the latter tells that she have some work related to property matter.

Further, Pinky gets inside Aarav’s room to start Gunjan’s ploy but a real snake gets on top of Aarav. He gets frightened, while Pinky screams for help. Everyone gathers around nd becomes shocked, while Emily pulls the blanket from Aarav’s body to drag the snake down. She saves his life, while Pinky grabs the snake and does as per said by Gunjan. Anandibaa gets impressed by her and gives credit to Pinky for saving Aarav, but he shows his gratitude towards Emily.

Precap:- Anandibaa gives her traditional ring to Aarav and ask him to make Pinky wear it. She gets happy for Aarav and Pinky’s engagement, while Emily also comes there. She mistakenly slips and falls on Aarav. The ring gets inside her finger and they both falls onto the sofa. Whereas, Anandibaa along with Gunjan gets shocked seeing it and questions about the ring.

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