Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 9th July 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa’s decision shocks Aarav


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Episode starts with Anandibaa praying in front of the God’s idol and shows her gratitude towards it for sending Pinky as the life savior of Aarav. She shows her concern towards Aarav and expresses her love for him. She says that she couldn’t imagine her son’s life in danger, while at that time Gunjan also comes there and takes the advantage of the situation. She starts praying along with Anandibaa and says loudly, about the way Pinky risked her life to rescue Aarav. She boosts about Pinky’s courage and praises about her qualities, while Anandibaa stops her prayer and looks at Gunjan.

Here, Anandibaa shows her gratitude towards Gunjan for bringing her sister Pinky into their house. She praises Pinky for being brave and courageous. She states that only latter can protect Aarav for lifetime, while Gunjan manipulates Anandibaa into her talks and clearify her intentions to marry Pinky with Aarav.

Anandibaa hesitates to take a decision, while Gunjan immediately puts a comparison list of Pinky and Emily. She was well aware of Anandibaa’s triggering point and uses it to fix Aarav and Pinky’s marriage. Whereas, Anandibaa falls into Gunjan’s ploy and proclaims to marry Aarav with Emily.

Elsewhere, Aarav shows his gratitude towards Emily for saving his life. He appreciates her courage and both falls into an eyelock. They both starts getting attracted towards one another and Emily shares about her dream to get q happy joint indian family after her marriage. Aarav gets mesmerized by her and wishes her all the best to fulfill her dreams.

Anandibaa confronts Aarav and tells him about her major decision. She says that she wants to fix his marriage with the one who saved his life. He misunderstands Emily to be his wife and agrees for the marriage. Both gets into an eye lock, but soon he finds out about Pinky being his would-be-wife. He stays silent as Anandibaa denies to listen to him.

Ahead, Anandibaa ask Emily to leave the house while the latter talks about the NOC. Anandibaa assures to give it to her and advice her to go back to America. Whereas, Aarav was about to make Pinky wear the traditional engagement ring, when Emily slips and falls upon Aarav. The ring gets stuck in Emily’s finger, while everyone gets shocked.

Gunjan and Anandibaa tries different ways to bring the ring out of Emily’s hand and finally gets successful with Gulab’d idea. Whereas, Anandibaa postpones the engagement and decides to purify the ring before Aarav’s engagement. Meanwhile, Aarav shares his problem with Jaman a d they visits to the priest. Pinky keeps irritating Aarav, while he insists the priest to help him to get rid of Pinky.

Further, Emily shares her experience with Anandibaa to Mridula, while the latter understands her difficulty. She gives confidence to her and boosts her with will to find her soulmate. Meanwhile, Emily thinks about Aarav and says that she can feel that she will find her true love in India only.

Precap:- The priest notify Sanghani’s that if Aarav gets married within 3 years then his wife will die soon. Everyone gets shocked, while Gunjan comes up with an idea to get him married to a tree first. Everyone agrees to Gunjan’s plan and Aarav promises the tree to always support it. Meanwhile, Emily falls upon him during his marriage with the tree in an unconscious state and everyone gets dumbstruck seeing it.

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