Aangan – Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Jaydev to challenge Pallavi!

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Sony SAB’s newly launched show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Jaydev’s mission to find a groom for Pallavi.

In the current track it shows that Pallavi and Jaydev have a conversation over dinner, which leads to an argument between them when Jaydev asks Pallavi to get married. She remains stubborn not to marry so that she can take care of Jaydev.

Jaydev gets upset. Pallavi gifts Jaydev. Jaydev searches a prospective groom for Pallavi online.

Pallavi requests her sister’s to check upon their father until she returns from the presentation. The sister’s assures her the same.

Later, Pallavi gets disturbed when Jaydev doesn’t answer her calls. She grows anxious more learning her sister’s aren’t in a position to check up her father so she leaves her presentation to Ruchi and goes to her house where she fears to open the door recalling Jaydev’s words.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Pallavi will be seen slapping a guy in the bar. She will also accuse him of stalking her. The guy will ask Pallavi not to waste the time of people who sincerely want to get married. Pallavi will get shocked.

Later, she will shout at Jaydev, saying that they already had a conversation about her marriage, and she has informed him that she don’t have any interest in getting married so demands him to delete her profile from marriage website. Jaydev will refuse also challenges Pallavi.

Pallavi will ask the whereabout of the new boss. A guy will enter and introduce to Pallavi himself as Akash, who is her new boss. Pallavi will get shocked. Akash will mock Pallavi for not being aware of their client’s preference, which is vegan.

Pallavi will assure Akash that she will make a vegan cake. She will then drop the cake on the floor. Akash will be shocked. Later, Akash will fire Pallavi, which will shock her.

What will be Jaydev’s next move?

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