Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th June 2021 Written Update: Vanlata gets shocked seeing Nandini and Ritesh together


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Episode starts with Darsh remembering Vanlata’s words. Shobhit smirks and shows fake concern towards him. He then states that Nandini have a lot of sympathy towards Darsh, making him restless.

Darsh meets Nandini and assures her for Bansuri’s treatment. He then questions her about not telling him regarding the misplacement of flower in her hair. She states that she like it that way only. He thinks that she is showing sympathy towards him and sternly ask her not to. Nandini gets confused with his behaviour and says that she don’t have any place for sympathy in her heart as it’s already occupied with the love for him. He smiled hearing her words, while she realises what she said and feels embarrassed. Meanwhile, Shobhit sees them from aside and gets furious.

Darsh ask her to correct the placement of flower but Nandini stops him. He says that he have rights on the way his wife dresses, to which she replies that she is his secretary and nothing else. At that time Rajvi and Vipul comes there. Rajvi supports Nandini and starts shouting at Vipul. They picks up a fake argument and scolds one another. Nandini and Darsh gets shocked seeing them, while they goes away in different directions.

Ahead, Rajvi meet Vipul and both laughs remembering their act. Rajvi states that now Darsh and Nandini will realise their mistake. Later, Rajvi joins Nandini in guest house stating that she will live with her. Nandini tries to make her understand but she stays adamant. Here, Vipul joins Darsh whereas he also tries to make his father understand but Vipul denies to forgive Rajvi.

Darsh and Nandini goes comes out for a night walk and meets eachother. They gets worried for their parents. He confronts Nandini about her feelings for him, while she tries to deny. He chuckles and reminds her about the time when she risked her own life to save him and his family. He gets close to Nandini, while Shobhit sees it and gets angry. He goes from there banging his hand on the wall. Darsh feels irritation in his eyes and leaves to his room. Whereas, Nandini gets concerned for him.

Here, Gunjan sees Shobhit and tries to talk to him. She indirectly ask if that if he is having an affair? He gets irked by her behaviour. She says that a third person can ruin the relationship between a couple. Shobhit registers her words and smirks thinking about a plan. He assures her that he is not having an affair and ask her to sleep.

Nandini goes to meet Ritesh. He informs her about the new technique which can help Darsh to regain his eyesight. Nandini gets excited and shows her gratitude towards Ritesh, while he asks for Darsh’s reports. She calls Shobhit to get the reports and notify him about the news. He firstly gets excited but then remembers Charmi and loses his smile. He fakes his happiness, while she ask him to send the reports. At that time Ritesh ask Nandini to have food with him but she denies. Ritesh insists her, whereas Shobhit smirks hearing their conversation. Further, Shobhit thinks about his plan. He repeats Gunjan’s words that a third person can create differences in a couple’s life.

Ritesh sees an icecream vendor and insists Nandini to have it with him. He reminds her about their childhood times, while she reluctantly agrees to have icecream with him. Vanlata keeps cursing Darsh sitting inside an autorickshaw. She gets shocked seeing Nandini with Ritesh.

Darsh excitedly tells about a game to play with him family. He then ask about Nandini, to which Shobhit tries to instigate him saying that she isn’t at home and ask if she haven’t informed him. Darsh feels sad. At that time Gunjan gets Vanlata’s call and excuses herself. Vanlata informs her about seeing Nandini with Ritesh. Gunjan smirks taunting that they are waiting for Nandini but she is busy having fun with Ritesh. She turns and gets dumbstruck facing Darsh.

Precap:- Gunjan tries to instigate Darsh against Nandini while he ignores her. Rajvi rebukes Gunjan and Vanlata. Whereas, Shobhit scolds her being furious in front of everyone and warns her not to say anything against Nandini.

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