Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Upcoming Story: Nandini to know about Rajvi?


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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, the show was and always is appreciated for it’s unique storyline. With Charmi mesmerized by Darsh and wanting to get him, now a new character has entered Toral. Toral seems to have a past with Vipul and Rajvi which is related to Darsh. The viewers are excited and hoping to see the truth of Charmi and Toral getting revealed soon. With so many tracks and twists left open in the show, it has successfully kept it’s viewers on the edge of their seats.

In the current track, Nandini finds Toral and brings her home. Rajvi is shocked to see Toral in Rawal mansion. Rajvi worries and tell Vipul the same thing. Toral gets unconscious and asks for Vipul. Everyone gets surprised. Darsh thinks to find about Toral’s husband and kids. Nandini takes care of Toral nicely. Parul praises Nandini. Later, Toral is seen doing aarti. Everyone fears seeing Toral with fire. Darsh sees her saree about to catch fire. He saves her. Rajvi gets anxious seeing how Toral’s presence can bring back the past. Nandini finds something fishy about how Chetan, Vipul and Rajvi are reacting with Toral. Nandini asks Toral about her kids. Vipul worries and changes the topic. Toral says she remembers the name.

Vipul worries and so do Chetan. Charmi gets furious to know that her marriage with Shobhit is getting planned. She thinks of ways to get rid of it. While Nandini makes Toral ready for Shobhit’s wedding, here, Charmi hires a goon. With the help of Mrs. Patel, Charmi hires a goon to kill Shobhit. Rajvi gets to know of this and goes from there while Charmi thinks of a plan to stop Rajvi. Charmi kidnaps Rajvi and thinks to put the blame on Toral. Here, Nandini sees the necklace having Toral’s name so Darsh and Nandini question Vipul. Vipul becomes angry.

Later, they get to know Rajvi is missing and they start finding her.Nandini finds Darsh’s picture in Charmi’s room. She gets to know from Charmi’s phone about her plan to abduct Rajvi. Later she will spot Charmi hugging Darsh. Nandini will wonder if Charmi is in love with Darsh. While Shobhit is adamant to find Rajvi before his wedding, Vipul thinks Toral is behind Rajvi being missing.

In the upcoming episodes, Toral will ask Darsh to hit and break a wall, while, Bansuri will tell something shocking to Nandini about Charmi.

Will Charmi be able to make Nandini and Darsh seperate? How will Nandini tackle this new challenge?

What step will Charmi take next? What is Vipul and Rajvi hiding?

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