Aggar Tum Na Hote 10th March 2022 Written Update: Niyati accuses Angad


Aggar Tum Na Hote 10th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Abhimanyu and Niyati reaches the shop to pick Angad’s parcel. The shop is not open yet. Niyati gets frustrated and cries saying that she want to meet her child. On the other hand, Gajendra tells his family that they can take the child to home. Amma says that she planned to keep puja for child and will do name ceremony too. Karan takes ladies to home. Gajendra goes to the reception to finish the formalities. Ward boy sees everything. He sends Nurse out of the room. Then he kidnaps the child.

Niyati recalls Angad’s expression. She tells Abhimanyu that she saw hatred only in Angad’s eyes. Abhimanyu asks her to not judge Angad. Shop owner gives pendant to Abhimanyu. Niyati and Abhimanyu leaves for hospital. Gajendra finishes the formalities. Niyati asks Abhimanyu to drive fast. He asks her to not worry because their family members are there with child. She tells him that she is afraid and she didn’t see child’s face properly too. He asks her to think positive. She nods at him.

In the hospital, Nurse notices that Niyati’s child is missing and she decides to inform about it to the Doctor. Meanwhile, Angad recalls that how Niyati slapped him and also how Abhimanyu transferred all the properties on Manorama’s name.

Doctor scolds the Nurse and asks her to alert the security guards because seems like someone kidnapped the child. Gajendra comes there and gets shocked hearing everything. He scolds them and threatens to ruin them if they could not find his grandchild then. Abhimanyu and Niyati reaches the hospital.

Angad tells himself that Abhimanyu and Niyati’s good days are over. Gajendra scolds the Doctor for her carelessness. Niyati and Abhimanyu asks him about child. Gajendra informs them that child is missing. Niyati tells Nurse that it’s the latter’s responsibility to keep the child safe. Nurse tells her that she left the room for some time.

Niyati realises that she heard her child’s crying voice only while entering the hospital. Abhimanyu asks Doctor to check the CCTV footage. Security head comes there and informs them that someone switch off the camera so they can’t get today CCTV footage. Abhimanyu gets angry and attacks him. Gajendra stops his son.

Niyati searches the proof in her child’s room. Abhimanyu also searches it. Niyati gets emotional seeing her child’s cloth. Abhimanyu tells her that they will find their child. Niyati says that she would saved her child if she didn’t reach the shop to pick Angad’s parcel then.

Later, Manorama consoles Niyati. Angad comes downstairs and asks them about child. Niyati slaps him and blames him for child’s kidnap. She asks him that where is her child. Manorama tells her that Angad is innocent. Abhimanyu asks Niyati that why she is blaming Angad. She tells him that Angad want to kill the child. Abhimanyu attacks Angad and asks about child. They receive a ransom call from kidnapper. Angad thinks that this is his master stroke.

Episode ends.

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