Aggar Tum Na Hote 18th January 2022 Written Update: Gajendra slaps Karan


Aggar Tum Na Hote 18th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Abhimanyu puts Shagun on sofa. He asks Karan that what wrong Shagun did and why the latter and Niyati did this with Shagun. Gajendra asks him that how Shagun got injured. Abhimanyu mockingly says that Gajendra acting well. Gajendra says that he really don’t know anything. Abhimanyu refuses to believe him and tells Manorama that they send goons to Shagun’s house to threaten her. Gajendra asks Karan that what is all this.

Karan says that it was his decision and it was necessary because Shagun didn’t listen him. Gajendra slaps him which shocks everyone. He says that he has power and money but he never troubled others using that. Niyati tries to say something but Karan stops her. She tells Gajendra that they just went to talk to Shagun. Abhimanyu says that they went to threaten Shagun. He asks his family that why they are not happy with his happiness and what’s their problem if he loves Shagun then.

He asks Niyati that what rights she has to go to Shagun’s house. He asks her that why she is trying to separate him from Shagun. He says that this time she crossed she crossed all the limits. Shagun hears everything and gets up. She acts like she is afraid of Niyati. She apologizes to her and tells her that she will leave the city. Niyati wonders that why Shagun behaving like this. Shagun tells Karan that she didn’t call Abhimanyu for help. Abhimanyu asks her to not worry.

She tells him that she belongs to normal family and everything happening because of him and moreover Niyati don’t want them together and she should leave now. He tells her that no one will say anything to her. She asks him to not come in front of her again and leaves from there. She looks at Anand while leaving the house. Abhimanyu tells others that Shagun is his happiness. Niyati asks him to listen her once. He says that because of them Shagun don’t want to see him.

Gajendra asks Abhimanyu to forget Shagun because she don’t match their status. Anand enters the house. Abhimanyu asks Gajendra that from when the latter start to think about status. Anand asks Abhimanyu to calm down and he takes him upstairs. Abhimanyu says that he never thought his family will behave like this. Anand provokes him to escape from house and he gives medicine to him and leaves the room.

Karan tells his mother that he should have told Gajendra about Shagun. She says that her brother should not have slapped him. Gajendra comes there and tells Karan to go to Delhi to finish their works. Niyati recalls Shagun and Abhimanyu’s words. She learns from Shayra’s mother that Shayra is missing. And she gets worried about Shayra. Amma asks her fight against evil and says that God will show path to her. Niyati tells God that she is not understanding that what she should do.

Episode ends.

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