Aggar Tum Na Hote 1st December 2021 Written Update: Niyati and Anand reaches guest house to treat Abhimanyu


Aggar Tum Na Hote 1st December 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Abhimanyu hugs Ram and Sulochna saying that he is so happy today. Niyati tells Anand that she feels that Abhimanyu going to get an attack. He asks her to not overthink and Abhimanyu reacting like this because of heartbreak that’s it. He tells her that Abhimanyu is not angry now so he won’t get an attack. Abhimanyu tells her that he is so happy today because of her engagement. She asks him to calm down. He collides with waiter and apologizes to him and guests. Anand tells Niyati that he thinks that she is right about Abhimanyu’s attack. He asks Abhimanyu to calm down. Abhimanyu teases them saying that they behaving same after engagement.

On the other hand, Gajendra asks Saritha to take him to Niyati’s house. Manorama thinks that he should not go to Niyati’s house and she stops him from leaving the house. She tells him that if he went there then things will get more complicated because Abhimanyu likes Niyati. She says to him that Abhimanyu won’t listen him and what if he escapes from there again. He tells her that his son will listen him.

Saritha tells them that if they gave permission then she will bring Abhimanyu. Gajendra yells at her. Manorama asks her to inform Abhimanyu that she is not well. Saritha nods at her and leaves the house. Uncle notices that Manorama behaving strange.

Abhimanyu plays music and dances. He drags Niyati and dances with her. Ram stops Niyati from dancing. He is about to slap Abhimanyu but Niyati stops him. Saritha comes there and informs Abhimanyu that Manorama is not well. He laughs saying that his mother is not well because he left his mother alone and leaves from there. Niyati decides to follow Abhimanyu but Ram stops her and tells her that she is on leave today so she need not to follow him.

He reminds her that how Gajendra insulted her. She tells him that, that was not Abhimanyu’s mistake and now she can’t leave Abhimanyu in this condition. She says to him that she has to help her patient. Anand agrees with Niyati. He assures Ram that he will take care of Niyati and they leaves from there.

Abhimanyu enters the house and tells Manorama that he is so happy today. Niyati apologizes to Anand for spoiling his special day. He tells her that it is a special day for them. He informs her that he called Dr Gupta so he would have handled Abhimanyu. She tells him that if anything happens to Abhimanyu because of her then she would not forgive herself.

Manorama asks Abhimanyu to stop laughing. He tells her that he want to get some rest and goes to his room. Sulochna talks about Abhimanyu to Ram. He tells her that present Abhimanyu can’t become Niyati’s future. Other side, Niyati runs towards Abhimanyu’s room and notices the medicine on the floor and she informs about it to Abhimanyu’s family. Sulochna tells Ram that Abhimanyu and Niyati’s destiny is connected with each other. Niyati and others asks Abhimanyu to open the door.

Episode ends.