Aggar Tum Na Hote 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Nithya meets Abhimanyu


Aggar Tum Na Hote 23rd March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Niyati picks the child. She tells God that she didn’t saw her daughter’s face and she feels peace seeing this child’s face. She says that she understood that God send this child to her. She adds that this child will become her strength from now on and she will do her upbringing.

6 years later

Niyati thinks that it’s been 6 years and she tried her level best to live her life. She enters the temple and thanks God for giving that child to her that day. She losts her umbrella. Niyati’s daughter Nithya goes to get the umbrella. Niyati and Sulochna tries to stop Nithya. But Nithya gets the umbrella. Niyati recalls that how Abhimanyu return her umbrella to her. Nithya returns the umbrella to Niyati. Niyati tells her that the latter always gets drenched in rain. Nithya tells her that she has special connection with rain. Sulochna scolds Nithya. Niyati tells them that they can fight later and she has to leave for hospital after finishing puja. She says that she has to prepare for holi celebration too. Nithya gets excited to celebrate holi. They goes to pray to God.

Later, Niyati takes care of the patients. She thinks that she is moving on in her life. And she gets peace by taking care of the patients. Also Nithya is there to bring smile on her face.

On the other hand, Nithya’s friends tells Nithya that Sharma uncle may ruin their holi celebration so they has to do something. Nithya tells them that Sharma uncle never plays holi but that’s not mean that he can ruin others happiness so they should show the power of colours to him.

Sulochna notices that her house is filled with water. She sees Nithya and her friends filling the bucket with water. She threatens Nithya to complaint about her to Niyati. Nithya asks her to not disturb Niyati. Sulochna calls Niyati and complaints about Nithya. Niyati defends Nithya. Sulochna tells her that the latter defends Nithya so much even though she is not Nithya’s biological mother. Niyati tells her that Nithya should not know this truth until she reveals it to Nithya and she will do that at right time.

Nithya and her friends plans to throw water balloons at Sharma uncle. But they throws at Abhimanyu by mistake. Everyone runs from there except Nithya. Abhimanyu moves towards Nithya and asks her that if she threw water balloons at him. She tells him that she was about to throw at Sharma uncle and the latter is wrong target. She asks him to remove his clothe so she can return it to him after washing it. He tells her that he has to go to airport to pick his mother up. She tells him that he may get late so she will find solution. He thinks that she is so sweet. She buys jacket and gives it to Abhimanyu. He asks her about her name. She introduces herself to him. He leaves from there. Niyati comes there.

Episode ends.

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