Aggar Tum Na Hote 25th February 2022 Written Update: Abhimanyu learns Manorama’s truth


Aggar Tum Na Hote 25th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Niyati tells Abhimanyu that Manorama has mixed poison in the milk so he should not drink it. Manorama tells him that Niyati lying. He agrees with her and pushes Niyati. Then he drinks the milk. Niyati tells him that he has to vomit and tries to take him out but he refuses to leave the room. She asks Manorama to tell the truth to Abhimanyu. He tells her that Manorama loves him so much and he vomits blood and he looks at Manorama. Niyati screams for help. Manorama leaves the room. Others asks her that why Niyati screamed.

Abhimanyu comes downstairs and everyone gets worried seeing his condition. He asks Manorama that why she want to kill him and what mistake he did. Niyati tells him that Manorama won’t answer him because she don’t care about his life. He asks Manorama that if she loves him. Amma asks that what’s happening here. Niyati tells them that Manorama gave poison to Abhimanyu and she never accepted him as her son. And at end Manorama took revenge for her own son.

Angad calls Manorama. Amma snatches the mobile from her and puts on speaker. Angad asks Manorama that if Abhimanyu died or not. Amma breaks the mobile in anger. Abhimanyu says that he want to talk to Manorama and he asks her to love him again. After some time, Niyati makes Abhimanyu vomit the poison. Amma scolds Manorama and throws her out of the house. Maasi and Bua taunts Manorama. Dinakar says that he never thought Manorama will turn out like this. Amma asks Manorama that what else the latter want to do.

Dinakar gives medicine to Niyati. She asks him to pray for Abhimanyu. He says that Manorama was everything for Abhimanyu and how can she do this with him and leaves the room. He tells others that Abhimanyu is still unconscious. Niyati notices Abhimanyu’s movement and she smiles. Manorama walks on the road aimlessly. She cries recalling that how Abhimanyu trusted her and drank poisoned milk.

Next day, Abhimanyu wakes up. Niyati asks him that if he is fine. He asks her about Manorama. She thinks that he would have forgot what happened during his attack. She is about to tell him that yesterday Manorama gave poison to him but he completes the sentence which shocks her. She realises that he remembers everything. She assumes that he became fine after witnessing Manorama’s truth.

Abhimanyu comes downstairs and asks others about Manorama. Amma tells him that Manorama left. He asks them that how can they let her leave and leaves the house. Amma asks Niyati to stop Abhimanyu. Niyati gives sweets to everyone and tells them that Abhimanyu became fine. She says that yesterday’s shocking incident killed Abhimanyu’s spilt personality. Amma asks her that why he is searching Manorama if he knows her truth then.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu finds Manorama and asks her that why she broke the promise by leaving him. She asks him to not call her as mother because she don’t deserve it. He tells her that he remember what happened yesterday. He brings her house.

Episode ends.

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