Aggar Tum Na Hote 28th March 2022 Written Update: Niyati attempts to find proof against Angad


Aggar Tum Na Hote 28th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sulochna tells Ram that Niyati and Nitya will resolve their problem. They leaves for holika dahan. Niyati enters Nitya’s room with food. Nitya acts like studying. Niyati asks her to act in front of her grandparents. She tells her to have food. Nitya denies to eat and she locks Niyati in a room. Niyati asks her to open the door. But Nitya denies saying that she won’t open it until Niyati says that why she got angry. Niyati tells her that they are getting late for puja. Nitya demands truth from her because Niyati never got angry when she troubled others but today Niyati got angry at her for talking to one uncle.

Niyati tells her that she lost her child once and she can’t lose again that’s why. She realises that what she said. She says to her that someone stole her from hospital. She thinks that she can’t tell the truth to her now. She tells her that she found her at temple and she can’t lose her again. Nitya opens the door and hugs Niyati. She tells her that she will stay with her always. She asks her to not cry and their kismat connection is so strong so they won’t get separated. Niyati and Nitya gets ready to attend holika dahan.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu gets ready to attend holika dahan. Amma asks him that why he is tolerating Angad’s rude behaviour. She asks him to leave from there because she can’t see him getting insulted. He tells her that he don’t have anyone except them. And he is keeping his promise so let Angad do whatever he wants to do. Everyone attends holika dahan. Abhimanyu gives chocolate to Kavya. Meera tells him that he understands Kavya more than her and Karan. He is about to talk about his daughter but stops himself. She tells him that she can understand his loneliness and tries to talk about Niyati. But he interrupts and says that he don’t want to see Niyati again.

Niyati and Nitya attends holika dahan. Sulochna asks Nitya to don’t go near fear. Niyati picks Constable Puja’s call and learns that they found the address of wife of the  kidnapper. She thanks her for helping her unofficially.

Next day, Nitya draws moustache on Sulochna’s face when the latter was sleeping. Niyati informs Ram that she got the address of wife of the kidnapper. He tells her that her case was weak because she didn’t have any proof against Angad. She tells him that she will fight for truth. And Abhimanyu blamed her for her daughter’s death and she will prove him wrong.

Meera tells Kavya to celebrate holi with Abhimanyu. She thinks that she won’t let Abhimanyu stay alone. Kavya convinces Abhimanyu to play holi with her. Meanwhile, Sulochna wakes up and gets shocked seeing her face. She chases Nitya and applies colour on her. They argues with each other. Ram and Niyati stops them. Niyati feels that today she will get proof to prove Abhimanyu wrong.

Episode ends.

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