Aggar Tum Na Hote 29th March 2022 Written Update: Niyati plays holi with Nitya


Aggar Tum Na Hote 29th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Abhimanyu plays holi with Kavya. Gajendra, Amma and Meera smiles seeing that. Meanwhile, Angad and others dances to celebrate holi. Meera tells herself after 6 years this year only Abhimanyu playing holi. On the other hand, Niyati asks Nitya to play holi with her friends. Nitya tells her that she want to play holi with her. Niyati asks her to apply colour. Nitya applies colour on her mother’s face. Sulochna tells Ram that first time Niyati applied colour on her face after 6 year and it happened because of Nitya. Ram tells her that Nitya will heal Niyati’s wounds.

Kavya demands sweet from Meera. Abhimanyu goes to bring sweet for Kavya. Angad stops him and signals him to pour a drink on his glass. Gajendra sees that and gets angry at Angad. He tells him that he will teach a lesson to him and Manorama. Angad pushes him and taunts him. Amma takes Gajendra from there. Abhimanyu sees everything and fills Angad’s glass and gives it to him.

He tells him that the latter should not have pushed Gajendra. He reminds him that he warned him to stay away from his family. Angad tells him that everyone is his servant. Abhimanyu twists his hand and reveals that he mixed poison in the drink which shocks the latter. He applies colour on his face and wishes happy holi to him and leaves from there.

Niyati thinks that today she have hope to find out about her daughter’s murderer and asks God to not disappoint her today. Nitya notices Niyati leaving. She smiles seeing Abhimanyu there. She wishes happy holi to him. He tells her that he didn’t expect to meet her again there. She tells him that seems like they have kismat connection. He tells her that he don’t trust in destiny and he came to return the jacket and also to buy sweets. She tells him that she will take him to shop because she knows everyone there. Abhimanyu buys that jacket. He introduces himself to her and they becomes friends.

On the other hand, Angad coughs continuesly and screams to call the Doctor. Karan calls Abhimanyu and asks him that what the latter gave to Angad. Gajendra tells Amma that if Abhimanyu really mixed poison in Angad’s drink then also he did nothing wrong. Karan puts the mobile on speaker. Abhimanyu asks Karan to inform Angad that he didn’t mix poison in the drink. Angad scolds Abhimanyu for pranking him. Abhimanyu warns him to not mistreat his family otherwise he will mix poison one day for sure and disconnects the call. Angad tells himself that Abhimanyu’s daughter must be begging now and he has no idea about it.

Nitya buys sweets on behalf of Abhimanyu and gives it to him. She applies colour on his face. She tells him that they will meet again without any plan because they have kismat connection. He recalls that how he said those lines to Niyati and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Niyati reaches the location. She gets change from the beggar lady who took her child. Then she meets the wife of the kidnapper.

Episode ends.

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