Aggar Tum Na Hote 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Angad gets furious


Aggar Tum Na Hote 3rd March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Abhimanyu asks Manorama to sign the property papers. Manorama looks at Angad. Abhimanyu says that she needs to think so much. Manorama signs. Niyati tells her that it is written in these papers that she has 80 percent property in her name but she cannot transfer this property to anyone else. Angad gets angry hearing this. He says that Manorama has once again become an idiot and from today their relationship has also ended. Saying this he leaves from there. Manorama follows him and tells him not to be disappointed. She says that she cannot live without him and will give whatever he wants from her.

Angad says that he wants her to give this house to him and get Abhimanyu out of this house. Manorama is shocked. Abhimanyu thinks that Manorama is not back home yet, he should go out and check what is happening. Then Manorama and Angad come there. Angad says that Manorama wants him and Niyati to leave this house. Dadi gets angry she curses Manorama and tells that she will never be able to be happy.

Angad asks them to stop this drama and says to Abhimanyu what he is doing here now. Abhimanyu tells Manorama that he will leave from here for her happiness. But since he cannot live without her, he wants her to keep seeing him. Niyati asks Manorama if she will be able to live without Abhimanyu. Manorama is unable to answer this. Abhimanyu is about to leave from there.

Manorama stops him and says that he will not go anywhere. Angad is shocked to hear this. Manorama requests him to let Abhimanyu stay here. Angad says that if Abhimanyu works under him, he will let him stay here. He gets ready for it. Later Niyati talks to her father and tells him that Abhimanyu is fine now. Just then Abhimanyu comes there and apologizes to her as he didn’t give her anything.

Niyati says that he doesn’t need to apologize as all she needs is his love. Abhimanyu gets emotional hearing this. She again gives the flute and says that he should remind her of their first meeting. Abhimanyu says that that moment was the best moment of his life. Niyati says that she is happy that Karan and Mamaji got their share and Manorama finds her son.

Abhimanyu promises her that he will never leave her side. Niyati becomes happy. He then plays music for her. Here Manorama tells Angad that he should start calling her mother now because she has given him what he wanted. Angad asks her if she loves Abhimanyu. She says yes. Angad leaves from there in anger. Niyati further warns Angad not to try to drive away Manorama from Abhimanyu.

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