Agnisakshi 10th March 2023 Written Update: Sukanya reveals the truth to Prateep


The episode starts with Narayanan asking Satvik where Jeevika is. Satvik recalls his conversation with Jeevika and feels guilty. Rajnandini’s sister tries to provoke them against Jeevika. She asks them what if she went back to her house? Shlok says to him that he will contact his parents about it. Narayanan stops him and says that they will be worried about her. Later, Prateep questions Pallavi why she hides this matter from him. She hides Jeevika’s medical expenses from him. He warns Pallavi that he will ask Satvik about it if they don’t reveal the truth to him. Sukanya blabbers to him that Jeevika met with an accident because of him. Prateep asks her how many things they hide from them?

Jeevika returns home. Narayanan inquires her where she had gone? She informs him that she went to visit the temple. She heard a lot about this temple. Latha asks her why didn’t she inform anyone before she went out? Satvik lies to them that she informed him but he forgets. Rajnandini asks him how he will forget it? Jeevika apologizes to them for her mistake. Pratap asks Pallavi. Did Satvik marry Jeevika out of guilt? Swara asks them what is going on here? They are hiding something from them after Jeevika’s surgery. Sukanya recalls the doctor’s words and feels guilty. Pallavi fears about getting caught. Prateep says to them that she won’t leave him if he marries her out of pity. Meanwhile, Latha is instructing Jeevika on how to cook. She complains to her that Rajnandini never placed her feet in the kitchen. She was talking behind Rajnandini’s back. Satvik comes there. Latha teases them. Jeevika collides with Satvik. Latha asks them to merge their heads one more time. Satvik asks Jeevika where she is going. She tells him that Papa is calling her. He tells her that he lied to her because he thought Latha was troubling her. He asks her to accompany him to meet the lawyer.

Prateep asked Pallavi what is the need to do all this? Pallavi says that she did everything for Jeevika. If she hadn’t taken that step, then Satvik wouldn’t have married Jeevika. She wouldn’t be such a great person in her life. Prateep says that he won’t get a girl like Jeevika if he searches for her too. Prateep asks her to leave the house, packing her things. Swara asks Sukanya why she did hide this truth from them? Meanwhile, Rajnandini’s sister inquires Jeevika where she is going. She has to inform them before going out. Shlok says to her that she is the elder daughter-in-law of this house. She doesn’t need to get her permission. She says that at least she has to get Satvik’s permission. Satvik says to her that he is aware of it. He is taking her out. Jeevika supports her by lying that she was joking. Rajnandini is talking with Ravut about some secret dealing. Her sister comes there and informs her about what happened. She assured her that he might be going to drop her somewhere. He would return to the office before her. Later, Narayanan refuses to take the Bangalore project, reasoning Satvik will get busy in business and never give time to Jeevika. Rajnandini convinces him to take it.

Satvik tries to make Jeevika comfortable. She assures him that she is fine. She prays god to save the person who is travelling in the ambulance. She shares it with Satvik. He admires her. Jeevika notices a couple riding on bikes happily. She feels disappointed to see them. Jeevika and Satvik reach the lawyer’s office. The lawyer informs them that they have to live together for at least 6 months to apply for a divorce. If they need a divorce early, then they have to proceed with the character certificate. If someone cheats in their relationship, it’s easy to get a divorce. When he was discussing it, Satvik agreed to do it for Jeevika’s better future. She refuses to do it and runs away from there. Later, Satvik tries to convince Jeevika. Jeevika opens up with him. Satvik tells her that he is thinking about her future. She says to him that she was worrying about him. Rajnandini calls Satvik to take him back to the office. He says to Jeevika that he will drop her back home, but she refuses to take him help and walks away. The auto driver drops Jeevika at her parents’ house. Later, Satvik attends a meeting. Rajnandini smirks after she makes Satvik busy with his projects. Satvik was disappointed when the press asked him to give permission to attend his reception. He refuses to give permission to him.

Episode ends