Agnisakshi 11th March 2023 Written Update: Rajnandini’s evil move


The episode starts with Jeevika knocking on her parents’ house. A newspaper boy came there to collect the money. Jeevika asks him to give the bill to her. She pays the bill for two months. He appreciates her for taking care of her family after marriage too. His sister cut all her ties with her husband and sits in his house. Jeevika feels hurt to hear it.

Meanwhile, Manas asks Satvik what’s bothering him? He says to him that he doesn’t know what to say. Whenever Jeevika’s crying face came to his mind, he couldn’t do anything. Manas says to Satvik that he is worried about Jeevika. He doesn’t want to make Jeevika feel uncomfortable in front of the media. It’s a good thing. Satvik says to him that he has to make her happy until she stays in his house.

Rajnandini thinks that he is trying a lot to make her happy, but no one is able to change what is written in her destiny. Later, a neighbour asks Sukanya where Jeevik is. Sukanya says to her that Jeevika was married. She won’t visit her parents’ house this soon. The neighbour informs her that she isn’t lying. She saw Jeevika in her house. Her father asks Sukanya if Jeevika has come to meet them. Sukanya convinced him.

Meanwhile, Jeevika recalls Satvik’s words. Their relationship lasts only 7-8 months. After that, get free from this relationship and get married to someone else. Jeevika thinks that she doesn’t want to make her family worry about her by sharing it with them. Maybe she isn’t happy in this married life, but her family members are happy for her. She doesn’t want to ruin their happiness.

Later, Sukanya asks Sukanya. Is it necessary to ask Satvik about this accident? Prateep asks her if she is hiding anything from him. He would have questioned Satvik when they were in the hospital. He asks her if Pallavi asked her to hide this. Sukanya tells him that she isn’t hiding anything from him. Satvik is Jeevika’s husband. He shouldn’t ask him to feel uncomfortable. Prateep says to her that he has to find the truth behind this accident today.

Jeevika is searching for her comb. Satvik asks her what she is searching for? She tells him that she can’t find her comb. He noticed that it was on her head and gave it to her. She feels embarrassed in front of him. She apologizes to him for showing her anger at him. She shouldn’t have done like that. Satvik teases her that he thought a child was crying. He thanks her for bearing this much for him. She asks him not to thank her. It’s her duty to take care of his family until she stays in this house. Satvik assures her that he will take care of her family too.

Later, Pallavi is troubling her daughter. Swara scolds her for treating her daughter badly. She argues with her after listening to her blabbering. Sukanya asks them what’s going on here? Pallavi managed to lie to her. Sukanya asks her if she really wanted to meet her asap, then why didn’t she accompany her husband. Pallavi is shocked to hear that he had already left. She fears that he will create a mess in his house. Later, Jeevika brings coffee for Satvik. She turns around when he forgets to button his shirt. He apologizes to her.

She apologizes to him for not knocking before entering the room. He teaches her how to cough fake. She says to him that he didn’t button his shirt properly. Later, Rajnandini arranged everything for the reception grandly. Her sister asks her what the need is to arrange this much for Jeevika. Rajnandini says to her that Jeevika is going to fall down today. Her sister asks her what she has planned against her? Rajnandini asks her to sit alone and eat popcorn.

Pallavi calls her and informs her that Jeevika’s father will visit them asap. If he spills the beans, then everything will be over. Later, Jeevika’s father meets Jeevika and wishes to talk with her alone. Satvik asks her to take him to their room. He opens up with Jeevika. Latha welcomed Jeevika’s family. She shows off their wealthy life. Jeevika lies to her father that she is happy here. He shares his grief with her.

Episode ends