Agnisakshi 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Jeevika gets a prediction about meeting her life partner


Agnisakshi 23rd January 2023 Written Update On

The episode begins by showing a girl sitting in the sewing machine and stitching. A little girl, Jhanvi, her niece and another girl, Swara, who is her sister, are watching her. Jhanvi wants to learn sewing and she isn’t interested in studies. Jeevika says to her not to leave her studies for sewing. Jhanvi says that Jeevika left her studies for sewing. Jeevika shows them the blouse that she has stitched and they compliment it. Jhanvi wants to learn to sew. However, she gets scared when her mom calls her out and runs to leave for school. In the kitchen, Jhanvi’s mom complains to her mother-in-law that her husband, Pratik, spends all his salary on his parents and his sisters instead of giving it to her. The mother-in-law feels bad and asks her to adjust to which she refuses and argues with her.

The moneylender from whom Jeevika’s family borrowed money came to their house to collect interest. Jeevika’s parents give him the money. As the money is less, the moneylender phones someone and asks to get a tempo to take all the electronic devices from the house. Jeevika’s parents beg him not to do so. Jeevika watches this. She searches in her room here and there and manages to arrange the remaining money and gives it to Pratik. Jeevika’s dad gives the money to the moneylender and promises him to pay the interest on time by the next month. The moneylender threatens them to get a truck the next time and leaves. Pratik scolds his sisters for coming in front of the moneylender. Swara scolds the moneylender for entering their house and threatening them. She wishes to repay his money soon by getting a job. Pratik says that it’s not possible as they’re only paying the interest of 42 lakh loans every month.

Jeevika asks Swara to help her to deliver the stitched clothes to Swargate as she has the go for a job interview. Swara obliges. Their mom arrives there and she’s surprised to hear Jeevika. She says that Jeevika is never interested in working, instead, her dream is to settle down by getting married. Jeevika’s sister-in-law hears this. She intervenes and says that Jeevika should sacrifice her dreams and start to work to help Pratik, who is bearing all the expenses alone so that they can pay 42 lakh soon. She says that Swaraa should also do the same. Jeevika leaves with Swara.

In a big mansion, a lady is shown. She goes to a boy, Shlok, who is doing boxing. The boy calls her his sister-in-law. He jokes. She asks him to come downstairs for aarti and next goes to a girl’s room. The girl, Aadiya, also calls her sister-in-law and asks if doctor Ashok called her. She says no and assures her that nothing wrong can happen till she’s there. She then goes to another girl’s room and wakes up her daughter, Ruhi, who is still sleeping after returning home late from the party last night. The lady receives a doctor’s call. The doctor says that Ashok is available for the operation before he leaves abroad, but her father-in-law, Narayan Bhosle, refuses to do the operation. The lady assures him that she will convince him as he can’t refuse her.

Swara drops Jeevika at a building for her interview. At Bhosle’s house, the lady, Slok, Aadiya and Ruhi pray to God for Narayan’s recovery. They discuss Narayan refusing for operation till Sadvik agrees to get married. Slok finds that Narayan is doing wrong by forcing Sadvik, who already did so much for their dad, to get married. On the other hand, Sadvik is shown reaching his office. He is very punctual and reaches the meeting on time. He rejects a design which was created by the number one artist who had studied in Paris. He says that most of their customers are female, so he wants an artist who knows well about the likes of women. He is ready to hire even a fresher who has this quality. He wants their Mysore branch inauguration to be done by his dad. Just then, his sister-in-law arrives there and says that his dad won’t be happy.

Jeevika attends the interview and impresses the boss by her talent and honest answers. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to Sadvik that his dad will be happy if he gets married. Sadvik says that Surpriya doesn’t say yes to marriage and, moreover, she’s not replying to the gifts that he is sending her every month. His sister-in-law asks Sadvik to move on, forgetting Surpriya. She says that his dad only wants him to marry and he doesn’t care whom he marries. But Sadvik is determined to marry only Surpriya. As they’re talking, Sadvik receives Surpriya’s message asking him to meet her. Sadvik becomes overjoyed and tells the same to his sister-in-law and leaves. Jeevika was refused the job as she studied only till 12th standard and didn’t do fashion designing studies. Jeevika gets dejected.

Jeevika visits the temple. She meets a lady who predicts that she’s going to meet her life partner that day. Jeevika becomes happy after hearing this.

The episode ends.