Agnisakshi 25th January 2023 Written Update: Sadvik is shocked to learn about his dad’s health condition

Agnisakshi 25th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with the doctor saying to Jeevika’s mom and sister-in-law, Pallavi, that Jeevika became infertile due to the accident. Jeevika’s mom and Pallavi are shocked to hear this. Sadvik’s sister-in-law, who has arrived there, also hears this. Jeevika’s mom bursts into tears by saying that Jeevika loves babies that she already decided her children names even before knowing her husband’s name. Jeevika’s mom asks the doctor if they can meet Jeevika. The doctor says yes. The doctor says to Jeevika’s mom not to tell any shocking news to Jeevika as her health isn’t in the condition to bear it.

Jeevika’s mom cries seeing an unconscious Jeevika. She recalls how Jeevika said that she wants a dozen of babies after her marriage and she already decided her babies name. She cries. Meanwhile, Pallavi argues with the doctor asking to call the police to take action against Sadvik who is responsible for Jeevika’s condition. She is about to call the police. The doctor says that Sadvik’s dad isn’t well and if she calls police now, it can worsen his condition. She asks the doctor to call Sadvik here then. Just then, Sadvik’s sister-in-law arrives there and takes Pallavi from there to talk in private.

There, Sadvik goes to see Jeevika. He stands outside the room and watches through the glass Jeevika’s mom crying, sitting next to her. Here, Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to Pallavi that Sadvik saved Jeevika’s life so they should be grateful to him. Pallavi says that Sadvik is responsible for Jeevika’s accident. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says that Sadvik isn’t at fault. He told her everything. She says that Sadvik not only saved Jeevika, but also took the full responsibility of her treatment. Pallavi says that Jeevika became infertile, so no one will marry her and she will became a burden to them. She says that getting married and having children are her only dreams.

There, the nurse goes to Jeevika’s mom and asks her to wait outside as the patient can hear her crying even in her unconscious condition. Jeevika’s mom goes outside. Sadvik watches her leaving, standing in the side. Here, Pallavi says to Sadvik’s sister-in-law that this is a police case. She says that Sadvik should get punished for breaking Jeevika’s dreams. Sadvik’s sister-in-law stops Pallavi and promises her to find a groom for Jeevika. Pallavi asks her how any guy will agree to marry Jeevika who can never become a mother. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says that the guy and his family won’t know about this. Pallavi says that only her mother-in-law knows about Jeevika’s infertility and she will not agree to this. She adds that Jeevika will never agree to this as she’s a straightforward girl. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says that even Jeevika won’t know this. Pallavi says that she’s cunning. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says that she’s doing this for her family’s sake.

Jeevika’s mom is crying for the broken dreams of Jeevika. Unaware of the truth, Swara tries to console her. Meanwhile Sadvik’s sister-in-law convinces Pallavi not to tell anyone about Jeevika’s infertility and asks to convince her mother-in-law to do the same. Pallavi asks Sadvik’s sister-in-law not to forget her promise. Sadvik’s sister-in-law assures her to find for Jeevika a perfect life partner who support and keep Jeevika happy in all conditions.

Jeevika’s father and brother reach the hospital. Swara assures them that Jeevika is fine. But Jeevika’s mom says that Jeevika isn’t fine. She’s about to tell them about Jeevika’s infertility. Pallavi stops Jeevika’s mom. She sends Jeevika’s father, brother and sister to see Jeevika who just gained consciousness. Pallavi takes Jeevika’s mother aside and says that she just had a deal with that madam ji. Jeevika’s mom asks her which madam.

Ruhi asks her mom why she took Jeevika’s marriage responsibility when she already has the marriage responsibility of Sadvik. Her mom says that she is doing this for her family. Ruhi suggests getting Sadvik and Jeevika married. Her mom says that she can’t take this as she doesn’t know anything about Jeevika’s family. Ruhi says to her that Narayan will ask about Sadvik’s bride as soon as he will gain consciousness. Just then, Sadvik arrives there and says that Narayan’s surgery is done, but doctor Ashok called them to talk. Pallavi persuades Jeevika’s mom to hide about Jeevika’s fertility from Jeevika and the family till Jeevika gets married. Jeevika’s mom asks how they will find a groom for Jeevika. Pallavi says that the madam ji will find a groom for Jeevika as she blackmailed her by saying that her brother-in-law is responsible for Jeevika’s accident and she will send him to jail. Jeevika’s mother says to Pallavi that they can’t trust rich people. Pallavi thinks.

The doctor says to Sadvik and her sister-in-law that this is Narayan’s third big surgery so he can’t live for longtime and asks them to fulfill his all wishes. Sadvik and her sister-in-law are shocked to hear this. Sadvik recalls his promise to his dad and Surpriya breaking her relationship with him. He thinks of keeping his promise to save his dad’s life.

The episode ends.

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