Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Update: Sadvik’s sister-in-law proposes Sadvik and Jeevika’s alliance to Narayan


Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Pratik wondering why his mom is still disturbed despite Jeevika gaining consciousness. Pallavi says that moms always get worried about their children. Pratik asks Pallavi how Jeevika met with an accident and scolds her for not saving Jeevika. Pallavi says that she was in shock to see Jeevika meeting with an accident. She lies to Pratik that she brought Jeevika to the hospital with the public’s help. She argues with Pratik for still blaming her and walks away. Partik blames himself for Jeevika’s accident. 

Sadvik refuses to let anything happen to his dad and decides to take him to the specialists. Sadvik’s sister-in-law consoles Sadvik. She says to him that doctor Ashok was right and they should try to keep Narayan happy. She says that Sadvik is there with Narayan even if his brother is no more. Sadvik cries that he failed to win Narayan’s heart and keep him happy like his brother. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to him that he can give Narayan more happiness than his brother. There, Pallavi overhears Ruhi and learns that Madam ji is also searching for a bride for Sadvik. 

Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to Sadvik that he is the last hope for Narayan. Sadvik says that he will make their business number one. Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to him that Narayan’s happiness lies with his family and not with business. She advises him to live for the family’s dream when his own dream has broken. There, Jeevika’s mom cries and says to her husband and son that Jeevika isn’t fine. They are shocked to hear her and ask what happened to Jeevika. Just then, Swara arrives there and says to them that Jeevika’s hospital bills have been paid and the hospital staff have said Pallavi knows about it. Pratik and his dad are confused about hearing this. 

Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to Sadvik that family is important to his dad and Sadvik has the opportunity to fulfill his dad’s dream. Sadvik promises to do anything for his dad’s happiness, including getting married. There, Pratik and his dad wonder whether Pallavi paid the hospital bills and look for her. Jeevika’s mom grows worried, recalling Pallavi’s words. Just then, a nurse tells them that Jeevika gained consciousness. 

Pallavi goes to Sadvik’s sister-in-law. She says that she learned that she’s also searching for a bride for her brother-in-law. She demands her to fix Jeevika’s wedding to Sadvik. Meanwhile, the family meets Jeevika. Jeevika tries to get up and feels a severe pain in her stomach, which worries her family. Jeevika’s mom grows worried. Here, Sadvik’s sister-in-law says to Pallavi that Sadvik and Jeevika’s wedding can’t take place as their status does not match. Pallavi blames Sadvik for Jeevika’s accident. Sadvik’s sister-in-law offers Pallavi her credit to withdraw money she wants. Pallavi says that dreams matter more than money. She says that Jeevika also needs good in-laws like. There, Jeevika wonders why she’s having severe pain when Swara says that she had a minor injury. Here, Sadvik’s sister-in-law refuses to fix Jeevika and Sadvik’s wedding as both their families are very different to each other. Pallavi blackmails to go to police and media if she agree to fix Jeevika and Sadvik’s wedding. Pallavi gives her 24 hours’ time. 

Narayan’s family becomes happy when he gains consciousness. He is adamant about going home, as he wants to arrange for Sadvik’s wedding as soon as he reaches home. There, Pallavi prays to God. She is overjoyed that Jeevika came across Sadvik, who is rich, while meeting with an accident. She is certain that Sadvik’s sister-in-law will agree to Sadvik and Jeevika’s wedding. Swara wants to bring a doctor as Jeevika is in unbearable pain. But Jeevika’s mom stops her, shocking everyone. She covers up by saying a lie. Jeevika’s mom decides to hide from Jeevika that she has become infernal. Here, Narayan is expressing his joy regarding Sadvik’s marriage. Sadvik gets emotional on hearing this. Sadvik’s sister-in-law takes the responsibility of finding a bride for Sadvik. Narayan says that he can’t wait for a long time. The latter says that she has already found a girl and the girl’s name is Jeevika Rane, which shocks Sadvik. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Sadvik agrees to marry Jeevika, but he wants to tell Jeevika that their marriage will be an agreement for a short period. 

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