Agnisakshi 26th September 2023 Written Update: Rajnandini threatens to kill Utkarsh

Agnisakshi 26th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jeevika asking Satvik how everyone in his family react to her truth? Satvik tells her that they love her a lot. Narayanan considers her as his own daughter. Jeevika says to him that she can’t leave him and this family again. Satvik asks her to stop this topic. He can’t imagine that she is leaving him again. It’s the decision of god that she is not able to become a mom. They are not able to change his decision. Let’s reveal the truth to everyone after the first arathi of Ganesh chaturthi. He assures her that he is with her. Later, Ganesh pooja begins. Everyone takes Arathi to Ganesh. Rajnandini thinks that they can smile as much as they want. It’s the last pooja they are going to celebrate together. She asks Narayanan to help her. She says to him that Jeevika has lost her memory. He gave the signing authority to Jeevika. She asks him to check it all and give his signature. Narayanan asks Shlok to arrange the car. He will correct it. Rajnandini thinks that she successfully sent him there. She had to send Satvik too. Later, Rajnandini pretends to talk with someone over the phone in anger. Satvik asks her what’s the problem? She manages to lie with him. She asks him to go to Bangalore immediately. Satvik assures her that he can manage it well. Rajnandini thinks that she has to kick Jeevika out of this house before he returns home.

Utkarsh asks Jeevika what is bothering her? If he worries about Satvik. She says that she isn’t getting a good vibe. She feels like something is going to happen wrongly. Utkarsh consoles her. He thinks that he can’t break her trust in Rajnandini. She is here to destroy this family. Later, Rajnandini asks Juhi to bring the jewels. Latha says that she stole the gold coins. She may steal the jewels from Jeevika’s room too. Rajnandini asks her to take it from her room then. Latha leaves from there. Juhi says to her that she has no idea what’s going on in her mind. She planned to send them out to kick Jeevika out of the house forever. Rajnandini meets Utkarsh. He is scared of meeting her. Rajnandini pretends to be talking nice with him. She said that she wasn’t the reason for his state. He misunderstood her. He is still alive. Rajnandini says to him that if he kept quiet then he would be alive. If he dared to reveal the truth to anyone, then he could imagine what she is able to do.

Rajnandini warns Utkarsh to hide the truth from everyone and leaves. Latha notices Jeevika’s report. Rajnandini recalls the way she intentionally placed the report on the table to get Latha’s attention. She thinks that Latha will kick Jeevika out of the house after she checks this report. Meanwhile, Juhi sneaks into Shlok’s room. She notices his phone and checks it. She is shocked to find Swara’s call and messages on his phone. He asks her why she is holding his phone? Juhi asks him why he is talking with Swara often? Shlok asks him who she is to ask him? Juhi tells him that Swara isn’t a good person. He demands her to leave before he raises his hand on her. Juhi collides with Jeevika. She asks her why she is crying? She tries to comfort her. Juhi tells her that she is not nice to her but she cares for her. Jeevika tells her that life is very short. She motivates Juhi.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini notices Latha is lost in her thoughts. She asks her if she is reading Jeevika’s medical report. Jeevika had not been able to conceive. It’s the reports of her before the wedding. Jeevika hides it from them. She betrayed everyone.

Episode end

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