Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Upcoming Story: Jeevika to share with Sadvik a truth about her!


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Colors TV’s newly launched show Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta is gearing up for more drama with Sadvik rescuing Jeevika from the goons.

In the previous episode, it was seen that Sadvik phoned Pradeep and told him that he was coming to see them. Pallavi phoned Rajnandhini to thank her for arranging for Sadvik’s surprise visit.

Rajnandhini was taken aback to learn that Sadvik had decided to meet Jeevika even without informing her. She grew worried that Sadvik would tell Jeevika about Surpriya which would lead to the cancelation of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Pallavi was scared that her lies would get exposed. So she lied to Jeevika again. She said to Jeevika that Sadvik was traumatized after Jeevika’s accident and asked her not to talk about the accident to Sadvik since it could worsen his condition.

Later, the moneylender arrived with the goons and demanded Jeevika’s father to repay his loan immediately, as Jeevika’s wedding got fixed with a rich family.

Jeevika raised her voice against the moneylender’s unfair behavior, which angered the moneylender. A hoon attacked Jeevika by throwing a bottle at her. But Sadvik saved Jeevika. Jeevika got emotional at meeting Sadvik for the first time.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Sadvik will meet Jeevika to tell her about his ex-girlfriend Surpriya. Sadvik will be surprised when Jeevika says that she also wants to share with him a truth about her.

Jeevika will say to Sadvik that she wrote everything that she couldn’t say in the letter as it’s easier to pen down than to say. She will give the letter to Sadvik and will ask him to decide about their wedding after that.

She will say that she will accept whatever decision he will take. Sadvik will read the letter and will stare at Jeevika shocked. Jeevika will faze the floor, fearing to face Sadvik.

What’s Jeevika’s truth? Will Sadvik agree to marry even after knowing it?

Will Sadvik be able to tell Jeevika his truth? How will Jeevika react to it?

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