Agnisakshi Upcoming Story: Jeevika to become infertile after the fatal accident


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Colors TV’s newly launched show Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta is already gearing up for more drama with Jeevika meeting with an accident due to Sadvik.

In the previous episode, it’s seen that Sadvik met his girlfriend, Surpriya, to ask her hand for marriage. But he got shattered when Surpriya ended her relationship with him. She returned all the presents that he had gifted her to him and declared that it would be their last meeting. She walked away.

Jeevika was also in the same mall buying a gift for her mom on her birthday. Sadvik went after Surpriya to stop her. On his way, he bumped into Jeevika and slightly pushed her to the side. Jeevika’s feet slipped in water on the floor and she fell over the railing.

She failed to hold the railing and fell down and met with a fatal accident. Sadvik rushed Jeevika to the hospital where his dad was already admitted. He paid all her hospital charges.

Jeevika’s sister-in-law became happy after finding out this. Sadvik was forced to promise his dad to get married when the latter refused to agree to his operation.

Jeevika’s mother and Swara received a shock when the doctor told them that Jeevika became infertile due to the accident. Sadvik’s sister-in-law also heard the same.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Jeevika’s sister-in-law will blame Sadvik for Jeevika’s condition and will blackmail Sadvik’s sister-in-law to get Jeevika married to Sadvik.

Later, Sadvik’s sister-in-law will tell Narayan that she will find a girl for Sadvik and, in fact, she has already found the girl. Her name is Jeevika Rane.

What will happen next? How will Jeevika react after discovering about her infertility?

Will Sadvik agree to marry Jeevika?

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