Agnishakshi 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Satvik feels guilty


Agnishakshi 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajnandini sharing with Jeevika’s father that it’s a drama to give their daughter’s hands to a suitable person. She goes to a reputed family. Jeevika’s father asks her why she is sharing it with him. Rajnandini tells him that she is able to understand his fear. She assures him they will treat Jeevika as their daughter. He shares his grief with her. Relatives admire Satvik and Jeevika’s Jodi. Rajnandini asks them to appreciate him because he was Jeevika’s father. Rajnandini asked him. Didn’t he say that he wanted to inquire about Satvik? He avoids that topic and leaves from there. The priest says to everyone it’s time for Gathbandhan. Swara completes the rituals. Jeevika and Satvik exchange their garlands. They take pehras together. Rajnandini smirks at them. Satvik says to Jeevika that he is able to understand it’s hard for her. He thanked her for doing it all for him and his family. She assures him to stand with him life long. He was confused when hearing it. He thanked her for coming so far. She tells him that she has to do it. The priest asks him to make her wear the nuptial chain. Jeevika is on cloud nine. She recalls everyone’s positive words. The priest asks him to fill his hairline with vermilion. Satvik recalls Supriya. He fills vermilion on Jeevika’s hairline. Everyone claps for them. Sidhi and Jeevika’s father isn’t looking happy. The priest says that they are united by seven births. Satvik says that this relationship broke on the first day itself.

Narayanan thanked Rajnandini for giving happiness to him. She fulfilled his desire. Rajnandini assures him that Jeevika will handle everything and bring happiness to our family. She excuses him. Rajnandini asks the children to eat something. Her sister asks her why she is showing so much care for them. Rajnandini tells her that she doesn’t care about those children. Whether they are hungry or not. She was irritated by their noise. She wanted to beat them but she couldn’t because she belonged to a big family. She shouldn’t show her anger to anyone. Pallavi comes there and says that she is tired of showing her smiley face to everyone. They have the same wavelength. Pallavi asks Rajnandini not to send Jeevika back to her home. She is a headache to her. Rajnandini tells her that she may be a problem for her, but Jeevika is precious to her. Sukanya notices her husband’s dull mood and inquires him what is bothering him. He manages to lie to her that he will miss his daughter. Sukanya tells him that every girl might go to their in-law’s house after their wedding.

Meanwhile, the priest asks them to start another rasam. The bride’s brother can demand anything from the groom. Swara asks Prateep to ask him anything. Manas teases him. Shlok complaints that he doesn’t know how to behave in front of everyone. Prateep tells him that he doesn’t want to ask anything from him. Swara says that he prepared a full list about it. Prateep denies it. He shares with Satvik how important Jeevika is to him. She is a precious one to him. He pleads with him to forgive her if she hurt anyone. He had to adjust with her. She won’t disappoint them. She asks him to fulfill her dreams. He asks him not to hurt her. Jeevika gets emotional and hugs him. Satvik feels emotional and recalls Swara’s words about Jeevika’s dreams. She loves children. He feels guilty

Rajnandini and her sister are discussing Jeevika and Satvik’s wedding. Meanwhile, Mausi says to Satvik that another rasam is remaining. Sukanya says that a bride should change her name before going with her -in-laws. Swara dislikes those rituals and argues with them. Mausi says that she doesn’t respect their rituals. Pallavi asks Jeevika to stop following her because she is married now. Satvik thinks that Jeevika has to return home. He shouldn’t snatch her identity from her. He shares with everyone that he doesn’t want to trouble Jeevika, who is leaving everything behind to start a new life with him. She is able to keep her name. Jeevika was happy to hear it. Later, Sukanya and Jeevika spend quality time with each other. She advises her. Later, family members give an emotional send off to Jeevika.

Episode end

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