Agnishakshi 4th March 2023 Written Update: Narayanan praises Jeevika


Agnishakshi 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shlok noticing Jeevika crying. He gives tissues to Satvik. Satvik gives the tissues to her. He tells her that he is able to understand it’s hard for her to leave her family. But it’s a matter of few days. Shlok tells him it’s a matter of a few hours. Once she reached their home, everything will be alright. He assures Jeevika that he and Satvik will stand for her always. Satvik prevents Jeevika from being hurt when the driver applies to break. Jeevika thanked him. Satvik tells her that she doesn’t need to thank him for this small thing. He had to thank her for seven lives for her helping him. Shlok asks them to thank each other for taking vows together. Later, Rajnandini asks the servant to place the rice pot near the gate. Her sister asks Rajnandini. Is this pot also a real one or fake? Rajnandini tells her that she isn’t welcoming a daughter-in-law to this house, instead a servant. Her sister tells her that Satvik is going to enjoy his first night today. Rajnandini tells her that Narayanan arranged their first night in a famous hotel. But it won’t happen because Satvik is aware that she will leave in a few days. Her sister inquires her about it. Rajnandini tells her that she will come to know about it in a few days, so she won’t mention it.

Jeevika reaches Satvik’s house. Shlok and his sister welcome her. Jeevika tells him that she isn’t here to leave soon. She is going to live in this house forever. Jeevika stands beside Satvik. Mausi compares her with Rajnandini, which irritates her. Mausi asks Jeevika to kick the rice pot and do her Grahpravesh. Rajnandini takes Arathi to them. Mausi makes faces. She asks Jeevika to leave her foot prints like Lakshmi inside the house to do her Grahpravesh. She finishes the rituals. Jeevika’s father asks Prateep to open the lock asap. Sukanya asks him to wait. Pallavi tells him it’s over, so stop worrying about it.

Prateep tells him it was stuck. Sukanya asks her husband why he is rushing to open the door. He tells her that he wants to check the Diya. He feels relieved after confirming that Diya hasn’t blown out in the air. Sukanya asks Pallavi what happened to him? Jeevika lights the Diya in Satvik’s house. Mausi says that her sister would have shed happy tears if she saw this. Mausi says that a few more rituals are remaining. Rajnandini asks her which rituals are remaining? Mausi complain that no one is aware of these rituals. Jeevika narrates to her about the rituals. Latha appreciates her for keeping their tradition. She says that at least one daughter-in-law is aware of it all. Someone was pretending to be an elder daughter-in-law but had zero knowledge of it. They found a good daughter-in-law. Rajnandini says that she is aware of it. That is why she brought her home. Satvik’s sister asks Narayanan who will do these rituals on behalf of mom? Will Latha be able to do it? He says that she is able to do it but her elder daughter-in-law can do it too. Latha tells her that no one is aware of where her husband is. Whether he is alive or not? Everyone looked stunned.

Jeevika’s father misses Jeevika and checks her things. Sukanya consoles him. She assures him that Jeevika will lead a happy life with Satvik. He loves her a lot. He recalls Manas’ confession and tries to alert her that Satvik loved someone else. He gets chest pain. Pallavi comes there to help him. Meanwhile, Narayanan scolds Latha for bringing his matter here. Rajnandini pretends to like supporting her. She starts the rituals. Narayanan asks Jeevika to make this family happy like Rajnandini. She smirks at them. She thinks that she won’t let them unite.

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